Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thank Heaven For ....

Visting Teachers, Branch President's wives, Missionary moms, Missionary friends, Grandma Daughter (Misty), and last but not least Scriptures and Prayers, it just dosen't get better then that.  Each have a special way to enlighten this fresh journey making each step a little easier.  I'm not saying that I don't still feel like a fish out of water yet, but at least I can breathe. Genisis 2:7. 

I have just learned we have won an all exspense paid  trip today to "The Little Shop of Horrors" (Mt Pleasant) for a full day of luxurious labor on Dan's home there.  This was one of  Elder Draper's favorite places to hang out (NOT).  Though there is much work to be done on this old homestead when it is finished it will be a nice retreat for the us, kids, and grandkids,  after fishing, four wheeling etc not to mention a great spot to freshen up after camping atop Skyline Drive (Gooseberry).  

A special thanks to Misty, who has patiently supported me with the design and constant updates to this blog.  She has always been a wealth of knowledge with technical support and I'm sure she can't wait to teach me Iphone 101, or maybe not she did mention free Verizon classes at store locations. (LOL) 

The sun has rose now so that means Elder is up and crack'n the whip so I better be doing the same.  Have a gret day all and  "God Be With You Til We Meet Again"

Sister Draper 

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  1. So happy to know that you have a supportive network around you as I am here for you as well (but from a distance) :-)

    Gratz on winning the all expenses paid trip!! Hope you enjoy your time there (NOT)!! lol

    Hang in there & remember if "He" leads you to it..."He" will lead you thru it!! :-)

    Love Ya & Miss Ya,