Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Boys and Snow....

Just what is the magic that little boys see in snow?  The morning of his 11th birthday Wyatt awakes to see his favorite blanket lying outside his window across the lawn.  He springs to his feet and quickly dresses heading for the garage to find his coveted snow shovel.  Before I could wish him Happy Birthday he is out the door to be the first to clear the sidewalks. Little does he know he is a blessing in disguise, but again I ask what is the magic that little boys see in snow.  

I on the other hand  patiently wait for my coveted letter from Elder Draper.  Snow has never been one of his favorite things in life though he was a hot shot on his snowboard.  Nope he, as everyone knows, was the Sun Seeker. Argentina should serve him well as he will rarely if ever see snow in his mission.  Lots of rain and I mean drenching rains! 

I still miss tripping over his shoes at the front door and fighting over the radio station when we were in the same car but most of all I miss him at the end of the day when all is said and done.  I am comforted however by his first prayers of "Now I lay me down to sleep" and know that he truely rest in the Lord's service, how greatful I am. 

Time to resucue "Snow Plow Man" and get him off to schoool with donughts and invitations to Paint Ball party Saturday in hand.  Alas Dan is home for the weekend to take cover with with the renigade. 

Wishing everyone reading, peace and happiness throughout your day.

Sister Draper  

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  1. Too funny...I can truly visualize Wyatt (a/k/a "Snow Plow Man") outside, hard at work :-) Wish him a Happy, Happy from us!! Paint Ball on Saturday sounds like a blast!! Hope all have fun!! **Hugs from Texas**