Saturday, February 22, 2014


Ok Family and Friends,

The OFFICIAL countdown is here with 7 days, 3 hrs,  44 mins,  22 sec. and I for one could not be more excited, imagine that!  For the record his itinerary is:

DL 110                        FRIDAY PISTARINI - LOS ANGELES 01 MARCH

DL 2204                       SATURDAY  LOS ANGELES - SALT LAKE UTAH 01 MARCH

The family will greet Elder Draper by the descending escalators and ask that friends and all other parties meet him at the luggage carousel look for arrival flight 2204 LAX (Los Angeles) 4:06 PM.  All are welcome to bring your own signs/balloons ( Light Blue, White and Yellow) adhering to airport regulations which limits obvious restrictions.   

At this time we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all for your love and support for Elder Draper while he faithfully served in the Buenos Aires West Mission.  Please join us:

Sunday, March 9, 2014 @ 11:00 am
Highland 38th Ward 5853 W 10400 N 
Open House Following
  ~Draper Home~ 5707 W 10620 N Highland, Utah     

Diana Draper
#1 Fan Elder Wade Draper 

Monday, February 10, 2014

I KNOW...2/10/2014

Hello Everybody, 

Still here and kicking it hard in the HEAT, and I do mean heat mixed with HUMIDITY as it has been raining and then the sun comes out and it's like a sauna. 

January ended with no baptisms, I just didn't feel like anyone was ready although my numbers were going to be short, I just didn't feel right about meeting them without strong converts however February looks to be promising beginning with a 9 year old little girl "Malena". Her father is a member and her mother comes to church with a strong testimony but again they are faced with legal and financial issues with getting a divorce with previous marriage. She decided she did not want to wait and her parents supported her decision with lots of love so that will take place on February 15th, just one day after Valentines Day, how special right, she picked that day as close as she could to the holiday!

We continue to work with Ismael and Daniela, both doing pretty good she loves the church, Ismael just needs to get his priorities in check. He says I am his brother "Gabriel's" twin as  we were both born on the same day and year 10/8/1992. We had a great lesson this week with them they are pretty cool! There is also one other baptism that is going to be scheduled just before I leave Lome Grande A Marcos Paz.

I hope the family is doing well, I gotta admit I am just now kinda getting anxious to see you all, up to now it has been just been a thought here and there but now here it is REAL LIVE! This will most likely be the last letter home as I know that they are taking forever to get home to you. I also haven't been able to get pictures to you but know that I have alot since the last ones you posted.

There are no words that can describe the experiences I have had here in Argentina while on my Mission. When I arrived here I did not know that I would feel the way I do now...I left my home 2 years ago and now I am leaving a part of my home once again. The people of Argentina have imprinted my heart forever as I have been told I have done the same here by many families, friends and converts.   I thank my Heavenly for his guidance and patience as  I have to served the people here in Argentina.  I extend a heart filled thank you to my earthly parents, family and friends for their continued support during my Mission. I have a steadfast testimony, my own, that Heavenly Father lives and answers prayer. I know that he is constant mindful especially during trials and is only a knee away. I know Jesus Christ is the son of God and that his ultimate sacrifice was a priceless gift of love. I know there is peace and refuge from the world in the Temple. I have tried to stand as a witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places here in Argentina and will continue to do this as I return home, I have worked hard to please the Lord and leave Argentina with  no regrets. Again I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have served in the Buenos Aires Mission and know my work does not end here but will continue through life. 


Elder Wade Draper

Saturday, February 01, 2014

SNAIL MAIL...1/27/2014

Our Little Morena is baptized...
Well Hello Again Family and Friends,

I bet you thought by now I had dropped off the face of the earth but alas here I am in this little white envelope.  I warned you about the SNAIL MAIL so you will appreciate that term by the time this arrives to you.  This letter is dated 12/30/2013 to give you an idea how long it floated around until you received it.

Well here she is our little 10 year old that I mentioned in my last letter.  Apologize for the resolution in the picture but that's what you get from an Argentinean camera, the moment however was priceless.  I  think she would have sprung through a barricade of fire to take the plunge, she is by far the most excited newest member of the church that I have ever baptized, although I did let my companion perform it.  She will remain a great witness for our Heavenly Father on this planet and is such an inspiration to all she is around!!  

Well as usual the weather here is blistering and the sauna in our pinch is hard to sleep by at night but hey it wont be long till I'm scraping that inevitable blanket of white off my windshield right! Kinda sounds good about now and a cold drink ahhh.. can't wait!

I hope that everyone rung in the New Year loudly!!!  As for us we got to be out until 10:00 pm, Woo Whoo right!  We were awoke shortly after that by the bursting of fire rockets and all the celebration that comes with New Year's eve here, they really know how to do it up right here, Party in the USA is a second compared to how we do it here in Argentina, Christmas through the New Year!!    

Any new news about school, probably not but I sure have my fingers crossed on BYU.  A special shout out and  thanks to Elder Nielson's mom for the apartment shopping. It sounds great and right close there, like across the street close, and only a year old with 4 bedroom 2 baths that's insane, living room dinning area granite and stainless steel, YOU ROCK Sister Nielson!!!!  

So I guess I should tell you a little bit about the area I am in now, Marcos Paz, Lome Grand A.  I am located right next to Alots de Merlo my first area. Is is heavily seeded with folks that live together, because they don't have alot here.  It is usually a very long time before they can get divorced as that in itself is held at a very steep ransom price and the days usually turn into calendar years before they can afford it or get a court date set.  It really puts a damper on them moving forth into the baptismal waters although many carry such a strong love for the gospel here and long to have eternal families, breaks alot of Missionary hearts here battling this cancer, me for one!  The Ward here is equally as frustrating because there is no unity and alot of back talking about each other.  Not everyone does this but alot do, and it is just so different then the other areas I have served in.  

We have been teaching a new lady named Laura, however because of some of her past life style and choices and current living conditions she would have to move from her current residence to be able to be baptized and I am not confident she has the means to do that so it is a very difficult situation.  That is the case with many souls here who have a desire but not the means to move on to progress.  Life here certainly does not afford the opportunities that America does and I am kindly reminded daily of how grateful I am  to have the freedoms I do there at home!

Dad could you keep a look out for a job for me here in the next few weeks, and yes Mom for sure check onto that post that Joy shared with you at the Post Office, that would be great if it fits the school schedule, guess we will see here shortly!  Oh and once we find out if I did get into BYU contact Elsie she can help you with all that enrollment stuff!

Well the lead in this pencil is getting lower by the minute reminding me it is probably time to close for now.
Know that I love and miss you all and with the days passing this quickly I will be coming down that escalator the next time you look up!

Take care all and mark your calendars something great is around the corner, ME!! :)  LOL

Elder Wade Draper 



Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Elder Draper's Letter

Hey All,

The weather here continues to be very hot making some days long and sleeping difficult so I think I just might dive right into that snow outside SLC International when I get home.  Never thought I would actually appreciate it funny how we take small things for granite right!

So we had our baptism last Saturday for our little Morena all of 10 with a heart full of excitement to be baptized.  She literally skipped into the waters of baptism, unlike anything I have ever seen and it was a priceless moment for all those who attended.  She is the granddaughter of a recent convert and although she is young she is very smart and will be a great example to those around her always!  I let Elder Reyna perform the baptism as he was equally as excited!

Transfers will be this week so I am not expecting any major change there but we will see, seems I travel quiet well here in Argentina according to my reflections in my journal, however I would not have changed one area for the world.  If there’s one thing I have come to know while on my Mission it is that no matter where you are in this life there is always opportunities to reach out to others who are in need.  It may be spiritually, physically or even a shoulder to lean on, but those souls are out there amongst us every day, everywhere, if you just look closely beyond the surface into the heart and sometimes that can be a challenge when they don’t even realize they themselves are lost.  The Breppe family continue to be so kind to us and I love visiting them as their home is filled with a peacefulness of the spirit and there is always love and laughter found there!   

I am waiting to hear all the news about Elder Palmer’s homecoming, I know how close you and his family have become over the last two years of our Mission.  I am anxious to meet them as well and I know that anyone’s lives that you enter Mom are truly blessed by your presence you just have that knack!

Thanks for sending the last of my request on a short note I really needed them.  You should finding out what the family wants to bring back and let me know ASAP as I just can’t seem to keep ahead of the days left here!  I look once on the calendar there they are and then look again and they are gone it is crazy!  If we miss something though we can always pick it up when we come back for Romina’s wedding in August.  She made me promise when I left Merlo I would return and I am grateful that Dad has planned that reunion for us, thanks Dad!

Well not a lot more to say at this time just working like crazy to finish strong here and bring all those unto Christ that I can with the time I have remaining.  I know there is much more to do here but I am confident with the new Missionaries arriving each transfer that the work is being left in good hands.  It is amazing to watch them as they are introduced into their new areas and  join their new Companions,  it takes me back to those days here when I first arrived, what along way I have come and yet still have to go as the work does not end here!   

Know that I love you all dearly and hold you close in my prayers daily!  Lyn’s and Wyatt stay true to who you are and the things you stand for as you continue to head into that gray “Zone” of finding yourselves in the “TEENS”, well Lyn’s you been there awhile I guess and are doing a great job just keep it up!  Wyatt I will see you shortly after your 13th birthday so guess I will be there soon after.



Elder Wade Draper

Tuesday, January 07, 2014




Mi lección de esta semana a la primaria fue acerca del bautismo y compartí esta lección de la enseña, disfrutar porque se aplica a todos:

El Señor ha dicho que "el campo es blanco ya para la siega" para contemplar el campo es blanco ya para la siega; y, el que thrusteth su hoz con su fuerza, la misma exaltada en la tienda que no perece, pero trae la salvación para su alma; (D & C 4:4). Su cosecha es gente humilde que han estado buscando respuestas a sus preguntas sobre la vida y la muerte y que están dispuestos a escuchar el Evangelio de Jesucristo. Misioneros trabajan duro para que puedan encontrar y enseñar como muchas de estas personas como sea posible.

Cada año, hay al menos una cosecha. En algunas partes del mundo, es tiempo de cosecha ahora. Los vegetales verdes, frutas jugosas y granos sanos, que han ido creciendo durante meses en buena tierra y la luz del sol, son maduros y listos para la cosecha. Los agricultores y jardineros trabajan duro para que todo se puede recolectar y no se pierde nada.

El Presidente Gordon B. Hinckley ha pedido a toda la iglesia miembros para ayudar con la obra misional. Él dijo: "Ojalá yo pudiera despertar en el corazón de cada hombre, mujer, niño y niña... el consumir gran deseo de compartir el Evangelio con los demás. Si tienes que vivir mejor, intenta hacer sus vidas más ejemplar [ser mejores ejemplos para los demás] porque sabes que las enseñas no creerá si no copia lo que dices por la bondad de sus vidas."

Cuando intenta vivir una vida mejor y guardar los mandamientos, suceden muchas cosas. Muestra su disposición a obedecer el Consejo del Profeta. También demuestras que amas padre celestial y Jesucristo. El Salvador enseñó, "el que tiene mis mandamientos y los guarda es el que Me ama; y el que Me ama será amado por mi padre, y yo le amaré y me revelará a él.(John 14:21). Te preparas para ir al templo y servir en una misión cuando mantienes los mandamientos. Usted es ejemplar, un maravilloso ejemplo a otros que ver y que quieren aprender acerca de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos.
Durante la época de cosecha, como el campesino que ha trabajado en los campo los misioneros sirviendo a una misión de tiempo completo puede ver los frutos de su labor. Como usted han trabajado arduamente para elegir el derecho. ¿Cuál es tu cosecha? Sus amigos y familiares han notado su buen ejemplo y quieren venir a la iglesia con usted. El obispo está feliz porque usted califica para una recomendación, si eres un miembro bautizado de la iglesia, para ir a la dedicación de un templo. Y padre celestial se complace porque has demostrado tu amor por guardar sus mandamientos. Como continúa a guardar los mandamientos, se continúan muchas cosechas.
Tienen una gran semana todos.

El élder Wade Draper


My lesson this week to the Primary was on Baptism and so I shared this lesson from the Ensign, enjoy for it applies to all:

The Lord has said that “the field is white already to harvest”  For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;(D&C 4:4). His harvest is humble people who have been searching for answers to their questions about life and death and who are ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionaries work hard so that they can find and teach as many of these people as possible.

Every year, there is at least one harvest time. In some parts of the world, it is harvest time now. Green vegetables, juicy fruits, and healthy grains, which have been growing for months in good soil and sunlight, are ripe and ready for harvesting. Farmers and gardeners work hard so that everything can be gathered and nothing is lost.

President Gordon B. Hinckley has asked all Church members to help with missionary work. He said, “I wish I could awaken in the heart of every man, woman, boy, and girl … the great consuming desire to share the gospel with others. If you do that you live better, you try to make your lives more exemplary [be better examples for others] because you know that those you teach will not believe unless you back up what you say by the goodness of your lives.”

When you try to live a better life and keep the commandments, a number of things happen. You show your willingness to obey the prophet’s counsel. You also show that you love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The Savior taught, "He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him.”(John 14:21). You prepare to go to the temple and to serve a mission when you keep the commandments. You are exemplary, a wonderful example to others who watch you and who want to learn about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

During Harvest time, like the farmer who has worked in the field Missionaries serving a full-time mission can see the fruits of their labor. They like you  have worked hard to choose the right. What is your harvest? Your friends and family members have noticed your good example and want to come to church with you. Your bishop is happy because you qualify for a recommend, if you are a baptized member of the Church, to go to a temple dedication. And Heavenly Father is pleased because you have shown your love by keeping His commandments. As you continue to keep the commandments, you shall continue to have many harvests.

Have a great week all.

Elder Wade Draper