Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rise and Shine

I woke to a beautiful sunrise and in the still of the moment I could feel the Spirit whisper, "It Is Well" and I knew I would face the day with more strength then I had the previous day. I am not going to say I did not miss turning the TV off for him last night and pulling the covers over him this morning for a few more hours of shut eye. His presence is all around me with dirty socks on the floor from yesterday to his Missionary pics and farewell messages remaing on the dinning room table, things that I will put away but his smile I will forever hold near in my heart.
I can see his laughter on the way to breakfast hall this morning seeking out that new friend in which to begin building memories with, he is so like that. No one is ever a stranger to him and everyone will be drawn to him, a gift since birth.

Well its time to start that first MTC letter, after all he will never find his laundry bag in the jungles of his suitcase. Laundry this week should get intresting for him not his favorite thing to do and in a style of his own. I'm sure he will have it mastered in the next two weeks, his wardrobe will most definitely be one of the things he will miss.

With a deep breath and sigh I think I'm up for this day!


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