Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Is The Day 2/22/2012

Up at 6am to finalize packing and listen to those last words of advice. Recieving a blessing and giving a blessing to Mom, memories I will treasure. She's trying to hold up, but in her presence, I feel her rapid heartbeat, see her trembling hands and watch her try to supress the tears that have welded up for days. What an incredible flower Heavenly Father has blessed me with for 19 years. Her perfume will linger for days on my collar as she hugs me with an intent to never let go. I will forever be greatful for her unconditional love and leaving her is a partof me I will keep to myself.

Lyn's and Wyatt are doing much better today then last night when I was a "Set Apart", I think that's the first time they realized this is real and tears flowed unexpectedly. To my suprise those "little pains" in that instant, grew to be something I will miss on a daily basis.

Grams pulled it off with a sensational prayer as only she can do. Though not LDS her testimony has increased mine and I will forever be in her debt (literally) LOL.

Dad was strong, and after looking beyond a Sea of Kleenex, it was a relief to not see anymore runny red noses. He has always been the ROCK.

I said my goodbyes to Binkz, who was clueless to the event but still gave me his soft snuggle against my face, thankfully he had not just eaten that stinky cat food.

Bags being hauled to the car with my goal of hitting Tweeter 1000 on the way down to the MTC, mom wil have to let all know if I hit it.

Goodbye all, like so many others, I'm counting on those letters to keep things light! I want all to know I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and I am so thankful to be able to serve him in the Bueno Aires West Mission.

D&C 42:6,
Elder Wade Draper

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