Monday, December 09, 2013



Well Howdy Ya´ll,

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving mine was just so Argentine! haha.  Thanksgiving consisted of a weekly planning session, and a dozen of empanadas! I never was one for allot of Thanksgiving food... but I enjoyed it.

It has been quite the week.  Monday night we did a family home evening with Santi´s family! They wanted to try an American Breakfast, and so I let them have it! I made french toast, hashbrowns, and scrambled eggs! They don´t have syrup here so... we used Dulce de Leche! They absolutely loved it and so did I it was a nice change!  
Tuesday morning my companion got a phone call from the offices saying that he had to go to Rosario, a different provincia! (which is like a state) to do paper work for his visa so that was just a fun little surprise, but I will get to that story a little bit later.
I had the wonderful opportunity to do divisions in my district on Tuesday. I went to Loma Hermosa with Elder Banegas, who is quite the character. He is a very... closed person, and doesn´t like to talk... and always looks angry but I did the unthinkable and cracked him! We had a great time! We talked allot about patience because it is something he has trouble with and the division went really well.
Thursday rolls around and we had lunch with one of my absolutely favorite Hermanas in the ward, the Hermana Guzzón.  She had an ant infestation on her roof, so I offered to spray to kill them.  I went up to the window sprayed the spray... and they were flying ants!!!!! They flew after us chasing us around the house! The Hermana was dying of laughter! haha it was quite the experience.
That night my comp was whisked away to Rosario, and I was put on a division in my area with Elder Ticino, my old comp from Ciudadela, and although we didn´t see eye to eye back in the day the Division went really well! It was allot of fun being with him again, we both apologized for being bad companions, so that was great to get that all settled although honestly I was past it before I had even left there!
Our investigators are doing really  well! Ignacio our baptism for the 14th moved down the street from his house so Saturday morning we went and helped them move! Thank the Lord it was DOWN the street because they had a ton of stuff!!!! He was super grateful for the help that we gave him and his grand-daughter who works at McDonalds gave us free meal coupons! JACKPOT! ;)
But wow... This week we have transfers! I really hope that I stay here... Also everyone in the ward does too! ;) But just in case yesterday I shared my testimony and had the ward in tears ;) It´s what I do ) make others cry and try and hide emotions at the same time.
But I hope everyone has an outstanding week! AS all always Stay cool and classy kids!
Elder Wade Draper! =)

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