Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello Everyone,

Yet another a crazy week  here in Argentina, like literally sooo crazy,  so many good things happened!

Last monday for Pday we had an Asado for our District Activity, everything turned out really well!  Each Companionship had an assignment and everything was absolutely delicious! The Hermana Iputcha let us use the parilla in her house to cook in so that was just so nice of her! Elder Smith, who just loves to cook did the cooking and he is really like a pro Asado maker! So we did some "good eatin´"as you would say in Alabama.
The week continued and we had interviews with President,  I just absolutely love President Carter with all of my heart, he is one of the most funny and inspired men that I know! My interview went really well.  We talked  about how my District is doing and things that are going to happen in the future, I asked him if I could end my mission in Hurlingham,  so pray for me that I do! After our interviews I got to do divisions with Elder Fernandez my Zone Leader! He is from Chile and he is just is funny as well as so many others here have been or maybe I m just that jolly who knows? He is like a really good Missionary and he really knows how to keep people happy and connect with people so well, almost better than I do ;) (a funny side story he was looking through my pictures and came across a picture of Brelynn and he thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world haha and obviously she is just stunning but he was just in awe! haha)
My love for the Ward still grows... and there love for me grows as well.  The family Hornos bought me Toms which was just sooo nice of them right? So I go around in our little apartment in Toms which are just so comfortable on PDays and before and after my long days trekking!
In other exciting news, we had a special conference with Elder Holland and it was absolutely amazing! The 3 Buenos Aires Missions got together! We heard from Elder Soares of the 70 and his wife, then from President Gonzalez our area President, and then from Sister Holland and Elder Holland! It was probably one of the best reunions of my life! Like seriously wow! Sister Holland gave an amazing talk, she is just an absolutel doll! She had a translator, and she used her hands allot when she talked and she was just sooo great! She talked about how we as Missionaries have a glow about us, and that we have the light of Christ and that we always need to be worthy to have that light and help it shine so that the people can see the light. She was followed by her spouse Elder Holland who also gave an amazing talk! He talked about how we as Missionaries are basically the symbol of the Church and that we are preaching "HIS" Gospel the entire day was so inspiring!!!
He is going to BRAZIL!!!!!!!!! I dont remember which Mission it is called but it is between Bolivia and Peru! I do know that it is like all jungle haha, he is just so excited,  and I am beyond excited for him!!!!
But that was basically my week in a nutshell!  I hope everyone is doing good and that life is fun!
I love yall so much and please kids stay classy! =)  Have a Happy Turkey day nothing going on here but the gospel no plans as of today so we shall see?!?!?
Elder Wade Draper =)

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