Monday, December 09, 2013


Wow is all I can say today, this has probably been the hardest week I have had in my Mission. Not not like Mission work wise but transferring this time was really hard, I love my families here in Hurlingham and feel their love for me as well.

On Monday and Tuesday, not sure what was going to occur but feeling something, I was saying goodbye to people just in case that transfer was intended for Elder Draper. Monday, the Hermana Iputcha made me lunch and then Tuesday we had a snack with Santi and his family.... literally those 2 days were just an absolute blur... but then the thumper came, we got the transfer calls..

My district was the last district and my area was the first to and there it was... "Elder Hernandez stays... Elder Draper leaving..." I felt just sick to my stomach with a void like never before.

When I returned to Hermana Iputcha who was cooking dinner for us, I walked into her house with just the saddest face... I could literally feel my emotions painted on my face and as hard as I tried I could not create a new canvas. One look at me and she knew, and began saying "No... No puedo creerlo" tranlastion "I don´t believe it" so we sat in her kitchen eating milanesa and mashed potatoes crying.

I called a bunch of people letting them know I was leaving and you could feel the tears being shed on both ends of the phone. The hardest came as I dialed Santi as he didn´t believe me, I had to pass the phone to the Hermana Iputcha because he literally did not believe me. I am not sure if he did not believe me or did not want to believe me and in that moment I did not want to believe what I had been told just hors earlier.  He came to our house and he just cried and hugged me for a good 20 minutes.... it felt quite tragic however we stayed up talking for a good hour and thirty minutes and then alas we had to part.  Elder Smith, one of my dearest friends who was in my District and just finished his Mission last week called me to make sure that I was ok, knowing how close Santi and I have become. I know he will be a fine Missionary and I am thankful I could be a part of preparing him for this wonderful calling!  

So yet another transfer has come and gone and my feet are now planted in Loma Grande and I need to get a grip and focus although I am yet soooo sad.  Speaking of feet ,the fungus is healing after days of warm vinegar soaks and topical cream  I purchased as instructed by the doc here so don't worry Mom it's healing and is not as painful to walk on as a few weeks back.
On the bright side Loma Grande is is super close to my first area Altos de Merlo 2, so maybe just maybe I will see Romina one day! Now I just have to gain the confidence of the people here because they just loved the Missionary that I replaced... I mean the kid was here for 9 months I am sure it was super difficult for them as well however I have had a warm welcome and the people here are nice! 
I met a couple families already that are super nice and my Companion, Elder Reyna  is a really good kid from Peru! He is 19 years old and has 10 months in the mission!  I am super excited to continue to work with him in this new area as I know there is a lot to be done here before I return home so we shall see what the week brings! Hope everyone there has a good week! 
Stay classy and stay sweet kids!
Elder Wade Draper =)

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