Wednesday, November 06, 2013

ROUGH WEEK STRONG TESTIMONY...MATT. 11:28-30...11/4/2013

Hello Family and Friends,
Hope that everyone had a splendid week! Mine was... long... very very long, haha but I got through it!
First off, we did the mutual 2 weeks ago, I don´t remember if I wrote about that but it was a successful mutual and we played volleyball afterwards and poor Elder Draper, going in for the kill  ripped my pants... soo embarrassing!
Well I wanted to talk a little bit more about last Monday because I didn´t really have a chance to do so in my last email! Well we had transfers and a big group of my favorite Missionaries went home!

Elder Wilson my first Zone Leader here in Argentina...


MY PAPI... Elder Delgado
...and the fabulous Hermana Pasquale who became one of my dearest friends in the Mission
... there were also many many more. It is just so surreal to see people finish their Missions. It felt like "Wow I was with you when you completed a year or like wow you were my companion or we lived together forever ago"! I dread my day as it will come to soon as well....BUT it has to come someday right?
This this past week, was a struggler.. but I learned allot!  My new comp Elder Hernandez is super great, he is like a nerd... but I love it and his desires... he has so many qualities of a leader and and I know that he will be a leader in this Mission someday. My week was super difficult because, my District was not doing so good with our key indicators so I was super stressed about that, and we are not doing so hot with our baptismal fechas, but we are doing our best! To top off all the stress, Berta the storm hit Buenos Aires Thursday and lasted till about Friday-Saturday morningish. We were literally walking in water up to our knees as the streets were flooded! I wish I would of had my camera to snap some pics, it was something you actually see in pictures! UGH
Another crazy
thing that
happened this
week was...
We enjoyed lunch
with Hermanna
rabbit stew...
yes rabbit stew,
it is probably like
 my favorite meat
here,  super healthy
for you as well!
With everything that has going on, a tsunami of exhaustion hit me, and I have just thought to myself... I am so tired... I have 20 months in the Mission... and I am just phyiscally exhausted... so I have been kinda of bummed, not gonna lie, however I had one of the most spiritual experiences yesterday in testimony meeting. I was just tired.. dead tired the whole weekend and we went to Church only to see no investigators were there. During Sacrament I began praying just to feel good, just to remove the emptiness that I felt and take away the tiredness.  I was filled with something that I had never felt before as I felt His overwhelming love fill my soul so strong that it moved me to get up and share my Testimony about how my week had been going and what I just experienced at that moment. It was a miracle from our Heavenly Father to feel his love at just the time I needed it! I had many members after thank me for sharing my Testimony, because it was an answer to their prayers as well.
I just want to leave ya´ll with my Testimony that I know know know God and Jesus live and that they love us, and will always love us no matter what. Read Matt. 11:28-30 we can always rest in Christ =)
I still have so much to do in my time here... I have no time to be tired! =)
Stay Classy Kids!!!!!
Elder Wade Draper! 
       PS (We also had some pretty dang good Carni Asda this past week by Chef's Draper and Hernandez


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