Monday, November 11, 2013


Hello Hello Family and Friends,

Wow what an amazing week, I had this past week. Like really, we worked soooo hard!! I have been getting back to the apartment late every night just so satisfied with my days work but very tired as well because of the work we are doing! We plan, then I do my nightly calls to my District, then I literally fall into bed!...ahhh the Mission life, how I will miss it!

Lately I have really been praying to find people who are going to progress, and who are willing to let the Gospel change their lives as you all know it has been a struggle these past few weeks.  It just so happens that this past week, we found so many people who are willing to change their lives.

First off a we encountered a young woman with 2 kids who recently seperated from her boyfriend, and that was followed by a young man who recently stopped drug use and has a 10 month year-old son, there were many others this week as well, but I wanted to specificly talk about 2 families that we found this past week.

First the family of Ivan, Ivan was a contact I made in the train station last Sunday.  We were a little short on contacts to finish our goals and we were waiting for the train and I saw this kid who is taller than me, so I thought I am gonna contact that kid. I did and he gave me his direction and we passed by in during the week. Apparently the Sister Missionaries had been teaching his family a year before, and one of them was none other than the fabulous Hermana Pasquale... Ivan is his name and he is a super great.  He really has a desire to be in the path of God and wants to know if the Church is true. I am really excited to watch him progress.

We also found a family yesterday, Ignacio and Nelly.  They are 2 grandparents who raised 3 of their grandchildren, and one of their granddaughters is the girlfriend of a member. The first thing that Ignacio asked us is how he could join the Church and feel the same peace that we have. Super great guy with allot of faith, he owns a dry cleaning place in Capital, and offered to dry clean our clothes for free, so that is just super awesome.

But this past week there were allot of difficulties in the ward.  First off Santi´s mom is in the hospital, she is allot better now, but it was pretty bad last week, she has  really bad anemia.  Also Carlos, my convert, well his brother passed away, but he is doing allot better this today.

This week my bestest friend, Santigo, should receive his Mission Call!! If you recall he was my mini Missionary awhile back and he is on fire!!!!  I am so excited this week to hear of his news, he is absolutely without a doubt going to be a Pillar of a Missionary!!!!  Mom would you mind sending a bible and the triple scriptures in Spanish embossed with Elder Santiago O. Zarate.  I would like to give them to him before he leaves on his Mission, that could be my Christmas present if you'd like!
Well I am looking forward to seeing  many more miracles this next week, and I am so pumped because.... this weekend we have a conference with ELDER HOLLAND... SO PUMPED!!!

Have a good week everyone!

Yours Truly,
Elder Draper

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