Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hey Family and Friends,

Just so you know this email will be brief as I have very limited time today as transfers literally just ended what a ride!! 
Hope everyone had a good week this past week, mine was absolutely crazy. I mean really nuts!!!!
I started off the week going on divisions with Elder Smith an Elder in my district who served in Hurlingham before! He only has 1 transfer left before he leaves for home so he showed me some spots in the area that I had never been to before.  We  also visited a few members so that he could say goodbye to them. He is an absolute hoot! Elder Smith is from LA and is an aspiring film director and the kids just breathes art, I love it! We had a really cool experience when we went to visit a less active member and her family, the husband is not a member! It was a great visit and they just absolutely love the Missionaries!  Elder Smith has an amazing relationship with this family from his time serving here. so it was a very comfortable home to visit.  It sounded as though they are going through a super hard time! however.  Elder Smith  had a nice long talk with them all about repentance and  forgiveness and that  it is time to forgive, forget and repent!  Everyone was just bawling,  it was a super charged good lesson! So my divisions with Elder Smith were just absolutely wonderful, he is easily one of the funniest people that I know, and I am so happy and blessed that he is in my District. 
Well I got my training done with Elder Zamudio, I taught him basically everything that I know in the book. He was transferred because of all the refuerzos, aka newbies, got here this past week!  A total of 54 but the first wave there were 38 of them!!!!! So we had to babysit one of them over the weekend it was allot of fun but super stressful because of how little our apartment is, and the poor kid didn´t speak a lick of Spanish!  
I have a new companion, Elder Hernandez from Maine! So new transfer, new comp, new adventures!
Oops,  I literally just ran out of time... sorry this email is so short will do a better update next week! We only had an hour to write today and as you know I had to divide with Mission President and check in on my District so boo hoo ! booooo
Like Icona Pop said... I LOVE IT!
Stay Sweet Kids I will catch you up next week and Lyns' what about your new crush wanna here all about that one!! LOL  
Elder Wade Draper

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