Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello Dear Family and Friends!
Wow what a week I have had! A lot of GREAT experiences mixed with a whole lot of fun!!
First off my little hijito, Elder Zamudio is so neat!!... I didn't have much time to talk about him last week in my email, but he is a 19 and from Ensenada Mexico close to Tijuana! My papi, Elder Delgado, my first Companion in Aldo Bonzi, was super stoked when he arrived, as that is where he is from.  Elder Z is such a great Missionary, he is taking everything that I am teaching him and applying it to his teachings of the gospel! I only have 1 more week with him because he will be leaving me and training elsewhere..bummer..but most likely I will be training again and I am most grateful for the time we have had together!  We get along great Elder Zamudio and I... he is like a little nerd and is just so funny! He loves video games and hard rock. He is definitely getting the Elder Draper supercharged experience filled with laughs and hard work. I am teaching him how to lift weights in the morning during our exercises, it's actually pretty funny to watch him, HA HA,  and we have a blast together! 
So this week the weather has been really nice but so hot and humid.  The only thing good about the hot weather is the nice little tan that I get,  yes I will have "that tan" by the end of this summer to bring back home to Utah. 

We had a great experience this week!  One of the more spiritual things that happened to me this week, was like one of those “WOW MSSIONARY MOMENTS”!  We found a list of contacts in our area book and so we have been passing by these homes in hopes of findings someone with that might be interested in the gospel. It was so hot  this day and just nobody on this list was welcoming us or our message. I was bummed however remained positive for my excited Companion.  As I was walking I thought to myself just one more house and I know this will be the one! So we clapped and a lady that looked super familiar to me came out and she looked so happy!  She greeted me like an old friend and asked me how I was doing and all that.  Then she went on to explain how she was thinking about Ilda, and how odd it was that we showed up at her door at that very moment... then it all clicked in my mind, Ilda was a less active member that passed away last month.  We were teaching her grandson at her time of passing.  When she passed away we went to visit her family and this lady is a friend of Ildas daughter and I had met her the day after Ilda passed away. She went on to explain to us how she is going through some super rough times right now, how she does not have work and does not have the means to provide for her family. She was super emotional because she was thinking about Ilda and had been praying for help and guidance in her life. Like wow... the Lord works in the most wonderful ways!  I am happy to say today she and her daughter have baptismal dates and are super excited to progress and learn more about the Church!


Party time so…so if you remember also I have been planning a little Halloween activity for the Ward and it went down last Friday!  It was AMAZING everyone loved it! The majority of the people came to the activity in costume!  Elder Zamudio was a mariachi player

Santi gave me his rugby jersey and socks so I was an Argentine rugby player in turn I lent Santi my Alabama Jersey and he was an American Football Player! HAHA It was a super fun time with members

The Hermana Iputcha (the member who lives in front of us) was a zombie and her costume was absolutely hilarious!  She was walking around saying she had got hit by a car on the way to the party and making like really cheesey dead jokes... like "I need to sit down because I am DEAD tired" HAHA 

We did a trick or treat for the kids, find the candy in the flour game, musical chairs, bobbing for apples, and a dance...unfortunately we cannot dance but...

... I was one of the DJs with Agustina  with my super rad friend in the ward with pink in her hair!!  We were just dropp’n some fast beats! It was super fun!

Yesterday it was Mothers day here in Argentina so... I made Mother’s day cards for some of my mamas here in the ward! They loved them so much! One Hermana started crying and they all almost gave me the beso (kiss).

Elder Viñas of the Seventy came and talked to our ward yesterday which was a really cool experience, he gave a really good talk about Ward unity. I also got to shake his hand and greet him! =D

Sunday ended with a bunch of laughter as we ended our day by going to eat with the Hermana Iputcha and her family.    While we were eating she was said “Elders did you know that I did Tai Quan Do when I was a little girl? I was like you are such a liar laughing.  She stood up and said watch as she told her friend to grab her by the shoulders.... then she did this like flip and threw her elbow in the direction of the face of her friend and did this karate scream! I FELL ON THE FLOOR DYING OF LAUGHTER.... like I have not laughed like that in awhile... it was just soooo unexcpected her little karate move! HAHAHAHA I just love the Hermana Iputcha soooo much

But that was basically my week in a nutshell!  I cannot wait to see what adventures the week brings this week! =D

So until next week you know the drill!  Stay classy kids and I Love ya'll,

Elder Wade Draper =D 

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