Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FOREVER 21.....10/14/2103


Hello Family and Friends,
If you are receiving this by email from my darling mother... well I have come to a point in my Mission, where I realize I just need to give all my time left here focusing on the work and the  Lord, so this is how ya’ll will be hearing from me for a few months.  Going forward I am 100% committed to finish strong with Him.! =)  With that said I want you to know that I love you all so much and I am so excited to see everyone in 5 months.
Well the big 21 came and went and it was just absolutely wonderful!
Last Monday before we went to bed, Hermana Iputcha called me and told me she had a surprise for me and asked if I could come to the house real quick so we went up and she had bought a delicious cake from Capital! (CAKE 1) It was like the best chocolate, dulce de leche, the best everything in Argentina !!!! It was sooo good!
She did not have 21 candles so she took all the candles that she had and added them up so that the sum was 21... haha I was dying! She apologized for the late call but was so excited she said “I couldn’t wait tell tomorrow, Tuesday being my actual birthday! I just love birthdays! So Monday ended GREAT!


I was awakened earlier Tuesday morning teralier hen the norm by a text from Santiago... wishing me a HAPPY HAPPY BIRHTDAY, so, that was super nice of him!
We had district meeting as well that day so I bought everyone facturas and juice and we had a little celebration, The Hermanas from my district got me brownies as well!  

We were invited back to Hermana Iputcha's and she makes the best pasta and chicken ever, she continued to celebrate my birthday LOL!!!   I shared rice krispy treats from my package mom sent with her and she thought it was delicious!  Simple treat, good but deliciously best ever as she stated, funny!
Afterwards full, we went and worked hard until dinner time, the Zarate’s, (my dear morning alarm clock Santigo’s)  family invited us to eat with them. They made us pizzas and the Hermana made me WHAT…a cake as well! So nice of them! (Cake 2).

The next day we were invited to a lunch by a less active member family... and the Hermana is a professional cake maker so she surprised me with yet another cake! It was equally as delicious and beautiful as well!   Needless to say this past week I just gained a bunch of weight!!!! HaHa


But the fun does not…Wednesday night I was doing my nightly calls and I got a call from the Assistant’s.  I  thought... oh what did I do now! LOL They informed, me they were having a flash, and Elder Escobar was leaving.  We were told to be in the in the offices the following morning. When we arrived to the offices I was informed that I would be training... YES a bebe  (LOL) had arrived from Mexico!!!!!!! His name is Elder Zamudio! He is 19 and he is just great! The sad thing is we only have 12 days left together because a ton of other missionaries are coming in before transfers! So there is a strong chance I will be blessed with another nino.  LOL, but we shall see! =)  So just some crazy things going down here in the good ‘ol Buenos Aires West!
Well I hope everyone has a splendid week, I love and miss you all! =)
Stay Strong,
Papa Elder Wade Draper


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