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Well.... first off…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Hope you have a good one mother dearest, I love you!!!!! And honestly you don´t look a day over 30 ;)  Got any fun plans for the day?

Secondly... tomorrow I complete 21 years of life, and I wanted to thank everyone that participated in my birthday video!!!! It really meant allot to me! =),  everyone is looking great by the way! =)


Thirdly.... ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR, witches flying and ghosts ghouling (ruling) the month, unfortunately not so much here in Argentina,  but I will be bringing Halloween here this year! I am throwing a Halloween party for the Ward on the 18th and I am  SOOOO PUMPED! =)


But wow what a great week I had last week!  I got to do divisions last week with Elder Stevens my Zone Leader and it was so was marvelous much fun, like so much fun beyond belief! Elder Stevens is just absolutely hilarious and we get along swimmingly! We ended up finding allot of devout people to their churches this past week as well
We took Santiago to teach with us a Jehovahs Witness who ended up  grilling poor Santi.  I just had to whip out some good ol Bama Bible skills I used there ;) and he Santiago kinda kept quiet for awhile=D 
I also learned allot from Elder Stevens in that we really need to start working with less-active members, and that will help lead us to find new investigators as well! =)
Conference was this past weekend... and how amazing was it???? SOOO GOOD! First can I just say everyone was killing it with tie choices this year ;) right!  But seriously the talks this year were so inspired!  I noticed a theme of “Member Missionary Work” and Repentance! 

One of the talks that stood out to me was by President Uchtdorf about less active members and also the talk by Elder Holland about depression! Elder Holland said something that I just absolutely loved, He said "If the bitter-cup does not pass, drink it and be strong.” Yes we are going to face many challenges in this life, some super hard but we need to be strong and always remember that we have God and Jesus with us. I got super emotional with the story he shared about the lady who was burned in the plane crash, but with faith she pulled through! =)
I also really enjoyed how President Monson talked about his wife Frances J., he just has so much love for her and rejoices on knowing that they will be together again! =)

I hope those of you who did not get a chance will take the opportunity to watch conference via net or however, take the time to watch it or at least read it so good!!!! 

Waiting on train to go to Conference...

After the Conference we went to the train station and waited for the train.   Argentina threw a concert just for my birthday ;) Nene Malo had a concert across from the station how sweet was that as well waiting at the tracks!!!! =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and again THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes!!!!! 
Like Whitney Houston says... “I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU” and cant wait to see everyone when I get home!!!!!! =)
Now time for the funny story of the week.... so I was in the super market last week and I was in the tomato sauce aisle... (yes they have an aisle dedicated to tomato sauce). I was browsing the prices of a tomato sauce that I had in my hand and to my surprise the new Gagag song came on in the market. I was so surprised I dropped the tomato sauce and it broke, tomato sauce went everywhere..... hahaha but the people did get a nice little show... hahaha =)
Well love you all kids I gotta run.  We are gonna hit Burger King for my birthday today with a few Elders here! I am in Ramos today and will pick up my birthday package in the office before I head back to Hulingham, I really do love my Distrct.  As you can see mom Elder Palmer got my camera back so enjoy the pics and Happy Birthday again !!
All My Love,
Elder Wade Draper =)




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