Monday, September 30, 2013

JUST A SHORT NOTE...9/30/2013

Dios Nos ha llamado con un santo llamamiento para que predique la palabra a este pueblo,
y Nos ha concedido mucho éxito, en lo cual
Nuestro gozo es cabal.
God hath called us by a Holy calling, to Preach the word unto this people,
and hath given us much success
in the which
our joy is full. 

Hello All,

No time for a long email this week just a short note...but we did not feel our investigator was quite ready to be baptized this past Saturday so we will continue to work with him.  General Conference is watched at the Stake center when Missionaries reach there 60% and if not they do not attend I am going to have to work like extra crazy  it's slow right now, but don't fret I will get there.  I'm really not mad just so frustrated this internet café is so slow today and I have not yet written President.  My package is here in the office so I hope to get in next week just in time for my Birthday as you had planned mom! 
I should get my camera on Monday as well to!!!

Ok registration opens October 15th and deadline is December first right?  Work on that for me and then we can email about it over the next two weeks.  Tell Dad thanks on checking on the car for me I sure hope we can find it I think its within the budget and has good reviews, at least before I left it did.

Next transfer I believe is October 23, a Weds so that is all I know for now but I truly love my District here.  My Ward is having a combined Halloween and Birthday activity so that should be fun and I hope to have some pictures to send to you by then!!

I have not heard from Breylynn since she left but she could be just getting out of the MTC there I don't know, would you have Briley add you to the emails list and then you can just forward her emails that would be best.  I am sure she is doing fine, cannot imagine it any other way she was pretty excited.

Well my time here is so short today and I'm sorry but I have to go.  Hope all of you enjoy General Conference and HAPPY PRE BIRTHDAY MOM know it's not tell October 9th but what the hey right!!!

Elder Wade Draper

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