Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello and Hello Beautiful people!

I hope everyone has had an amazing week, because I sure as heck did! 
Elder Escobar and I have been pounding the streets hard in our new area! Getting to know everything about it and getting to know all the members and all that good stuff has been a natural high for me! There are some really amazing families here in the Ward.
Two of my favorites that I have gotten to know are the familia Hornos and the familia Zarate! THe uno familia have 4 kids, and they are all just so funny, each in their own way! We are teaching the novia (girlfriend) of one of the sons, it's exciting to to be furthering his teachings because he is at the age when he should be preparing for a Mission. We ate lunch with this familia and they made prime rib, get out of town right!!!! Like wow, I told them that I had not eaten meat like that in quite some time and shared Dad's infamous prime rib secrets!

Then the familia Zarate, they are super awesome, we for now we really only have gotten to know the mama and the son, "Bill" for lack of respect and how many "Bill's" could there really be here right!  LOL. He just finished his Mission papers and is over the top super excited that there are Elders now in the Ward, and wants to go out and work with us he is the bomb and we are gonna be his fuse! We already have citas to do service and go out and do visits with him this week, they live in a really nice part of the area, and their house is just absolutely amazing! 
So you could say we have been doing really good this week, nothing super new. We are working with the Hermanas to revise the Ward Mission Plan, so that we can help the Ward more with their Mission work. We have a few investigators, but we are still just starting out with that.  Last week the focus was on getting to know the Members and the area, but now that we have that down, we are switching the focus to finding people who are ready to be baptized, so we will see what adventures comes this week. 
Elder Escobar is so wonderful, being relatively new, he is having a little trouble focusing on home and his past... but we shall change that to the Lord and his Mission, I remember those "GREEN DAYS", and we're not talking the band here!
Well lots to do this week and I am super excited to get it all done, actually the work is never completed right, that's why every six weeks a new crew arrives, but the army sure has beefed up the reinforcements right!!  Haha
Well I love ya´ll!
Stay classy, same time next week
Your  #1 Fan of the Lord
Elder Wade S. Draper

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