Tuesday, August 20, 2013


First off...I have to start off this week by saying...Life doesn't get better then this, my Mission, especially here in Hurlingham, opening this new area leaves me speechless, no I just didn't really just say speechless right?
It continues to be yet another amazing week for me..I could get used to these "WALKING ON SUNSHINE" moments!  Can I just say things are really looking up for this area in the next coming weeks! =)
Like I said last week, we switched the focus from Members to Investigators and we really did find some absolutely wonderful people this week!
I was looking through the directory last week on Monday night, and I saw the name Max???a Mir???an??da, and I thought wow that is a fun name, so yep, sat the date on the calendario and we headed that direction to visit her.  She is a member who was baptized 2 years ago and is less active because of her health, but still has her Testimony which has never went weak.  With that saidwe were off to see her and her two 2 kids that are not members, Julieta all of 17 and Carlos who is 23!  Julieta being a teenager dabbles in the gospel but Carlos is on fire and absolutely amazing !!!!!!! He has read and done, like everything we have asked and left him with to read, and he came to Church yesterday! He absolutely loved it and is super interested in serving a Mission, so I cannot wait to see him progress, he has a baptismal date for the 14th of September! CHING CHING!!!!
We are also working with an elderly man named Luciano, 75 year-old carpenter with a taste for wine! He is has been an "ANNIVERSARY" investigator as I call it, cause they have been contacting him for a few now, but he is really just a great "RAISIN"! We will have to just be more creative I guess right!! He came to Church yesterday as well, and BAM Grandpa had style strolling in, in his pinstripe brown suit! GOTTA LOVE HIM YAAA!!!
We still continue to get closer to the families here in the Ward, especially la familia Zarate that I mentioned last week! They are just so wonderful and I am now officially their second son say's Mama, so it's "Bill" and I and Elder Escobar. "Bill" is a huge part of our success and  has been helping us out so much with the work! His Mama  told us the other day that we are his angeles (angels), because she see's a rubor masculino (glow in his cheeks) every time we are with him or returns from a visit with us and honestly I feel the same way when he is in our presence, he will make an AWESOME Missionary! His birthday is this Wednesday, so we are going to go to the party, and then we are going to cook dinner for them on Thursday night! =)
Speaking of birthdays, we went to a child's birthday party (and there we tons) on Saturday with a less active family! Less just say I cannot create a balloon animal to save my life but lots of laughter due to me popping them with my efforts!  We are trying so very hard to get them re-activated, but it is super hard because one of the daughters passed away about 6 months ago, and the Dad is just angry with God, but he loves the Elders and the Church, which is good, it shows he still hasn´t lost his testimony so the Missionaries still have a foot in despite my Clown'less efforts, gonna work like crazy to get that jump started!
Another wonderful experience that we had was we got to pick avocados for an elderly Hermana in the Ward, who is just a hoot! She introduced us to her niños suerte (lucky kids), 4 dogs and a parrot, and the parrot screams her name when she isn´t talking to him "OLGA! OLGA!".  She explained I have one that sleeps the other eats and eats, one that cries, one that begs, and one that is always screaming! I was dying, I just went off laughing and couldn't control it which only made everyone else laugh even harder as well, all of us about pantalones mojados (pea'd our pants) when we could catch our breaths she smiled and  "Ella no habia reido enlas edades (I have not laughed that hard in ages) and she started to hug me but then paused and  respected by blowing me a kiss, I felt 10 feet high at that moment and felt the LOVE of Argentina all around me!

So as you can see, we had an amazing awesome week!  Super excited to see what happens this week, always and adventure here in Hurlingham!

Well kiddies, until next time remember as I always say,  "Stay Classy not Sassy"!


Elder Wade S. Draper
Bringing a Whole New Meaning to TRACK ( LOL)
P.S. Mom stop whining, LOL, I still don't have my cam so no pics yet but keep fingers crossed for next week, you know I love you and always carry a picture of you though in my heart!!!! =D


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