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Hello & Hello Family and Friends,
So wow where to begin, so many things have happened in this past week it has been unreal! For example, we had transfers this past week and so we got the call Tuesday night and as predicted Elder Draper is out of Ciudadela, kinda of knew that it was coming, but hey what can ya do but hang on for the ride right!!
So we went to the transfer meeting, and transfer meetings for me are really just the best even when I might want to stay where I am at, its like the only opportunity that all the Missionaries have to get together and talk for a little bit so the pay-off is pretty sweet! I got to see allot of my favorites,  thee fabulous Hermana Pasquale, and some of my besties Elder Roque, Elder Wilson, and Elder Slone.  And also all my fabulous MTC district! 
So there were some wonderful changes,  Elder Neilson is a Zone Leader now and I couldn't be happier for him YAAAAYYY!!! I am super excited for him he's just awesome!  Hermana Leavitt is training again so I am sure she s loving that! 
As the slide show went on, I waited to see where I was going, and finally it got to Caseros which is the last zone in the slide show... and I was like no way I am staying in my zone! So I waited to see where I was going and there it was opening, a NEW AREA ELDER DRAPER & ELDER ESCOBAR HURLINGHAM B!!!!!
They split the area of Hermana Andreason and her Comp, so now I am in the same ward as Hermana Andreason.
My new comp is Elder Escobar from Chile, he only has 3 months in the mission, and I am his 2nd companion, so I am essentially a trainer as well or as he refers to me as "his Uncle" in the Mission! He is a great guy,a little bit older hat 24, and is a convert of 3 years just a  super awesome guy!
But our little house is super small! We live behind a really cool member family, Elder "I" and Hermana "I". She works in politics and has allot of contacts in the society.  The day that we got there she was acutally on a really popular game show here in Argentina, and won! She showed us the video, it was soo pretty funny! 

The area is sooo different, nothing like anywhere else I have served, I love it!! It is a richer area, but still has some poor parts, but some of the houses, I am just like wow, what I would do to convert this family!! HAHA The Ward is really awesome as well! We have been getting to know them, and they are sooooo excited to have Elders in the Ward I just feel we are going to kill it here!

I am also super excited to be in the same Ward as Hermana Andreason, it's like we have been together our entire mission even though we haven't, so that will be fun as this is will be her last transfer as her 18 months winds down with this transfer.
I am really blessed to have this opportunity to open this new area! I am super excited to put all my faith in the Lord and just work like crazy here in Hurlingham I know I am here for a reason and feel like there is so much to do here.  Besides that, if you know me, you know I love adventure! So we shall see what this adventure brings!

Romina and her husband got married this past week, Friday to be exact and it has been a long process for them to be able to do this.  They are just perfect and have the cutest family.
I could not be more happy for them they were my first contacts when I arrived in here.


Another AMAZING blessing I got to experience this past week was Romina's baptism on Saturday following her marriage!!!! I got permission to go back and she asked me to be a witness as her husband baptized her.

She was soooooo excited to see me! I hid from her until she walked in and then jumped out, she screamed and almost hugged me !!! HAHA I was equally as glad to see them and their children.  I am really just sooo grateful I got to attend and witness the fruits of my labor ,it is a moment I will never forget and cannot quite describe, BEYOND WORDS is all I can say! I will always remember them and hope to return someday to visit them, for sure we will stay in touch when I get home!  I totally would send pictures... but I left my camera in the car of a member who drove us home, so when I get my camera back I will send the pics I took for the blog but check with Misty she sent her a couple post hose now Mom!
Ok so it really is a small world.  I met Uncle Kevin's companion, Elder "C" when he served here in Cordoba back in the day (ha).  He is in my ward and is an Area Seventy now so they will have to reconnect!  He recognized my last name and asked where I was from and then said he had a comp from Utah when he served. How crazy is that!! 
Well everyone I hope ya´ll have an absolutely amazing week as I trust I will!  I love you all very much and want you to know I love my Mission.
Love ya´ll!
Stay Classy!
Stay sweet!
Elder Wade Draper 

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