Monday, August 26, 2013


Hola familiars and amigos…

Another week gone, and I officially completed 18 months in the mission and still going strong!! I don´t think it will hit me really until the Hermanas from my MTC District leave at the beginning of Sept., that this crazy journey is leading full circle back to Amercia and home, I must admit it saddens me although I rejoice in seeing my family, I feel apart of them will be left behind here!
I have to start this email off by saying how proud I am of my best friend in the entire world, Sister Brelynn Bromley for serving a Mission! She leaves this week for New Zealand and she is just going to kill it out there, and look super classy at the same time. I know that she is just going to have the most amazing experience ever out there and change so many lives, she did mine, and she is just the BEST!!!  To know her is to her love her as she is the definition of just that LOVE as expressed in her expressions and acts! 

Oh mom, so we have a dog now that’s great and he is cute but no thanks no extra College roommate for me, I have at least one and don’t need the added responsibility, but he is cute.  How is Binkz doing with that, I imagine it can get interesting but remember if all doesn’t work out between the two, Binkz was there first, but it sounds like a few more weeks and the transition will be all god, Best of Luck there!

Just realized Lyndsey's Bday is on the 23rd of Sept. so I will try and get a card off to her, how does she like being a Freshman?  She looks awesome, grew up while I have been gone she should wear a shirt to Stake dances though that says “BACK OFF I’M ONLY 14 TILL SEPT 23 THEN REMAIN YOUR DISTANCE!  LOL

So this week was pretty darn good! First off Carlos our investigator is doing absolutely wonderful! He is progressing so well, everything that we leave him with, he reads, like right after our lesson, and then prays about it and really focuses on his feelings and what the spirit tells him... can I just say GOLDEN!

We are also teaching Luciana and Graciela, they are mother and daughter, and Luciana is the girlfriend of one of the Hornos boys. The husband/father passed away recently, and they both lack allot of faith, so we are going to work with them especially about FAITH, that they can have more faith.  Our past lesson was one of the most difficult ever for me filled with so much negativisms, probably the hardest one I have participated in, but that’s ok, because they are super nice and willing to listen, so there is hope and hope is faith right! =)

Also “Bill” Zarate, my dear friend here in Hurlingham turned 18 this past week! We went to his birthday party and that was super fun! I bought him a tie, and he absolutely loved it, it just happened to be the colors of San Lorenzo his favorite futbol team. The birthday celebration did not stop there! I cooked for his family Milanesa napolitana and noodles, they just absolutely loved devoured it in like 20 minutes they were so very so grateful! 

So my little Companero lacks a wee bit of confidence in his teaching skills but he is trying like heck to gain more of it., so we have been doing a ton of practices to help him boost it when he teaches. I have seen some progression but we still need to tweek it a bit, as we a have a little room for improvement, but I just love how he never gives up and is so willing to keep at it with little discouragement.  He is such a great example to me and I love being able to help him grow as my time here is winding down, his is actually taking form.  He reminds me so much of my first few months and it keeps me humble to be in his presence! 

Another wonderful part of my week was that we helped one of our investigators, Luciano to stop drinking wine, he has been sober for like 6 days now!!!! So everyone throw in an extra few words to your prayers that he keeps it up not an easy ask for some of these folks here in Argentina as it is so heavily embedded into the culture!!!! 
But yesterday was just wonderful, we had lunch with the familia Hornos and we ate some really good pork and beef, and finished it off with a cup of herbal tea and facturas! Yes herbal is the key mom so pick yourself up off the floor and get on with this email!

Their oldest daughter Agustina is soooo smooth with her pink hair and all, she is a wonderful person and pretty smart. After our lesson and over those herb, don’t want you falling twice mom don’t need that Med Alert necklace do ya? LOL.  We had an amazing conversation about the arts; dance, painting, film, fashion, everything, probably one of the most intellectual conversations that I have had here in Argentina she in very talented in many areas it will fun to see where her future leads her both with the gospel and in life in general!
Well, looking forward to another wonderful, amazing, fantastic week here in Hurlingham, happiness seems to be around every corner here for me and I feel very loved an connected to the people here in this areas, couldn’t have prayed for a more perfect place to be a this time. Hope everyone else has an absolutely is as happy as I am and will have an amazing week,  Words of advice foe this week however stay in school have been introduces to many here recently that have not and life is hard without knowledge!

LOVE YA´LL and as always Stay??? Classy right!

A la misma hora todos, la proxima semana (Same time nest week all!) 

anciano feliz (Elder Happy)
Elder Wade Draper
PS: (We have been told that you will receive all our travel plans before we do so be looking for that anytime.  I should also get my camera pack tomorrow as it is Zone Conference)


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