Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello beautiful family and friends!  Hope everything is going well for everyone!   Today is a yet another SPECIAL DAY for me..... I completed 17 months in the Mission! I can hardly believe it!  As it has been said many many times before, Time flies when you are having fun",  right?
But WOW what a CRAZY WEEK I have had this past week!
 First off my Zone Leader, Elder Lesuer had his birthday last Monday! He is just one of my dearest friends here in the Mission so I had to do something for him!  I baked a chocolate dulce de leche cake for him and he was just so very grateful for it!  He is a great kid!!!!
 Well after that Axel, the son of Katy, my recent convert, asked about the Temple and what we do there.  It just so happened that our Ward was doing a Temple trip that week on Wednesday so we got permission and went to the Temple with him! 

It was a really cool experience as we walked around the gardens, watched a video presentation, and talked about the Temple and what it means to the members of the LDS Church....
.... and what we as Missionaries do to help others other's "Come Unto Christ" 


As we were getting ready to leave, I heard my name being called, lo and behold it was Hermana Zeniquel and Hermana Juarez from Virrey del Pino (they work in the Temple)!   I was sooo happy to see them, they gave me some updates on the ward, how my converts are doing and all that good stuff, what a tender mercy it was to see them! 


As if the week wasn't already crazy it got even CRAZIER on Thursday, when we received a call from the Assistants telling us we had to be in the offices in the evening, so we went to the offices.  We had interviews with the President, it was probably one of the best interviews that I have had with President, he explained allot of things to me, and gave me allot of advice I needed!
 He informed us that our area was splitting, and Elder Ticino would be training, I would be getting a Mini Missionary until transfers, a week away. So Elder Ticino now has Elder Hazelett from Moab, UT, I have Hermano Andreoli from Lujan! Elder Hazelett is an awesome kid! He played basketball for BYU and he knows allot of the players from LPHS like Nick, Tyler, TJ all the great athletes, we have just hit it off!  Hermano Andreoli is so awesome! He is all of 17 and has a big desire to learn and build his testimony here in the Mission! 
After the split we went our separate ways and did work, and we are doing so great here now as 4 missionaries in the area, I am already seeing allot of progress!
We also went and celebrated Marina´s birthday on Friday! She invited us over for lunch, and she made a giant asado, corn, potatoes, salads, and chorizos. Then after we were so full she brought out a giant cake, she told us this was one of the best birthdays she had ever had! So that was just so special for me to make her day special!
Well I am looking forward to this week working with Hermano Andreoli and furthering the work here in Ciudadela!  As always Stay Classy Not Sassy Kids!  Same time next week all!
Your Elder Wade Draper
PS (Remember this quote:  “Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz' we were born this way") Guess who my friends?


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