Monday, July 15, 2013


Wow All,

What a week we had!  I needed it really, so many things happened this past week!

First off we finally have some investigators that are progressing!!!!! Oh how happy my heart is for that, because it is so difficult these days getting the people to progress here and the indicators are a huge part of this Mission, I mean HUGE!
So first off we found a new investigator this past week! He is an ex soccer player for Boca and recently was released from prison as of like 45 days ago however  he is an awesome kid who is just wanting to change his life and that's what the Gospel is going to do for him with a little push from this Elder!  He also has a daughter with the sister of a famous football player Carlos Tevez so a lot of MUSCLE IN THE HOUSE! He came to church with us this past Sunday however was a little tired because we went to go pick him up.  The night before they had a birthday party in the family and it was late night for him.  He stated however he really enjoyed the Sacrament Meeting!
My darling little Hermana Irma (cat lady) is doing wonderful! She is progressing so well! She has a little problem with retention, so we are helping her by teaching in repetition.  I don´t know how many times I mentioned that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, but it seems to be working with her if we just o back and repeat things adding a new line each time and then gong back and picking that up again!  The work is hard but she is sweet and her eyes are full of hope!

Also this past week I got to go on a division with Elder Crowther!!!! It was a nice little opportunity that I had to catch up with him and just kind of hang out!  He is the bomb and just awesome to be with when your in a slump!  We also had to house all the new Missionaries that came last week, a lot of work but that was just an absolute treat!

But that was basically my week in a nutshell!
Well kids, I hope everyone is doing well!  I miss and love everyone!
Elder Wade Draper

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