Monday, July 29, 2013


Well Hello All,
How is everyone doing GREAT I hope because my week was absolutely amazing to say the least!
Probably one of the most exciting things that happened this past week was Irma got baptized!!!! It was super awesome! She wanted Limberth Duran, one of the counselors in the Bishopric, to baptize her.  It was a really spiritual baptism because she came to the baptism really sick however after the baptism she was like. "Wow I feel like a brand new person" and feel much better! When people say stuff like that as sick as she was upon arriving you know there are miracles on board!
We also went bowling for P-day and it was super fun! I enjoyed it allot, Elder Hazlett is like a crazy unreal bowler it was just SUPER FUN! We also ate at McDonalds that day, which is like a real treat we never eat there much because its pretty expensive here, but it was a great!

So this week Hermano Andreoli and I did work!!!! Like crazy we did!  We found so many new people this past week that have a ton of potential to progress! We are working now with the brother of Kati, his name is Claudio and he is soooo great! He has always wondered about the Church, but never had the chance to meet or talk one on one with the missionaries so let me just say I am so stoked! He has a baptismal date for the 24th of August and we are going to work with his son who is 8 years-old as well!  Our last baptism, Kati gets back from the winter vacations with her son Axel, who is getting baptized on the 10th of August and I am equally as excited for that, doors are opening and opening here, keep fingers crossed I stay!

This past week we also got the opportunity to do some service! Hermana Garcia one of the Hermanas in the Ward wanted us to cut down some trees for her, and I look great with an axe in hand, so we went to work! HAHA  We also had a silly tree cutting down photo shoot, how silly right, we had to make like a funny face so that was definitely a good time! Think I will be in line for a modeling career here in "Tina" HA HA
Elder Hazlett and I have just become the greatest of friends and I have gotten to know him pretty well! His parents own a river company in Moab and I am almost positive it was the trip I went on the summer after I graduated so we made that little connection! The other night we stayed up and had a great talk about the mission and life, just one of those bro talks everybody needs every now and then. 
So the transfers are coming up this week!!!!! I really hope I get to stay and watch all these people progress, but I know that wherever the Lord sends me it is where I am needed but I really feel like we have just jump started this area again as it has been a rough 2 weeks prior!  Well we shall see what happens.
Well all I gotta run lots to squeeze in today!  See you back here same time next week and as always
stay classy not sassy kids!
The One and Only,
Elder Wade Draper
PS:( Romina Cuelli from Altos de Merlo 2 is getting baptized this Saturday.... and I am going! I am so happy for her she is the first contact I had when I arrived here in Argentina and they are getting married on Friday and baptized on Saturday.  They will marry in the temple in a year, who knows maybe I can come back for that.  I love them so much and wish them the best! 

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