Monday, April 15, 2013

'ULTIMA CENA...4/15/2013

Hola familia y amigos,
Espero que esto te encuentres bien y feliz!  Life has been good here in Cidudela this past week but let me warn you upfront Mom, this emails gonna’ be on the short side today so take a deep breath now deal with it! LOL
We are counting sadly counting down the days though, when my Companion will be leaving.  Saturday will arrive too soon and though he is somewhat excited to return to Brazil he has stated he will miss his Mission and YES his last Companion  here ME!!  I still don’t know what that will mean for me.  The” Assistants” and I have become GREAT FRIENDS but they know very little and couldn’t say if they did as to what will become for me YIKES!  I continue to share the pinch for now with 2 other Elders from the Haedo Mish.

I also  Continue to be finding my way around and I guess maybe for awhile I might be “flying by the seat of my pants” too bad it’s not a first class trip!!
As you can see, we had our “Last Supper” Pizza with my Companion, as the rest of the week will just be crazy until he leaves and we didn’t want him slipping out on us without that famous Olive Argentina Pizza!
As for a box I guess it has been awhile but I am really good but would never turn down “Smores” Pop Tarts, Hershey Cookie and Cream candy bars and some Peppered Beef Jerkey. 

Mom seriously this is not the Hilton and no we don’t have microwaves but we are thankful for water on a good day, hot or cold.  The only thing close to the Hilton I guess, would be the view from one side of the apartment, not going to send you the other side of the ??? not sure you would call it a view!

Yep I got Grams card mailed to her, it should be there any day she better get crackn’ on writing back!  Traci was on the net last week it was good to hear from Alabama, I just love her she keeps me smiling with her “Child this and Child that”!!  Love you Traci if your reading!   

Chef Draper was “In The House” throwing down some delicious ham and cheese empanadas. 

I’ve come along ways with those little puppies they were good, and I mean REALLY good!  Made it out of the ??? just in time to snag the last one. 

 I amazed how fast good things are gone here I swear if it smells good, it comes with a pair of legs too, cause it just disappears and were not talkin' chix LOL! 


Don’t know what to tell you about the Mother’s Day Skype thing yet Mom, don’t have a place located just yet but I will work on it, you know I will try hard!
Ok, so it’s Brey’s Bday could you ????, don’t include the details cause she will be reading!!! Sorry Brey it’s a surprise!  Also can you text Sandy and get her and the girls’ emails.  McCall is at the MTC going to Lyon France, that is where Caroline Carter went recently, and Ally is going to Bulgaria in June!  

So you had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner sounds like the shrimp Alfredo was a hit with that yummy garlic cheese bread dada makes!  The one being from Huntsville Alabama and only out 2 weeks from the MTC that brings back a few memories!!!  
Well I am running low on time so sorry for the short one but hey I love you and that is endless so gotta run mom love you and all so very much!! Keep it real Mom…same time nest week k?

Love Your,
Elder Wade Draper

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