Monday, April 22, 2013

Adiós mi querido compañero y amigo Elder Caceres...4/22/2013

Ohla Ohla Ohla,

Well, let me start by saying I know I am a lame bum for not writing a long email last week but, hey forgive me!  I will be kind of doing a catch up of what went down last week and what went down this week so keep on track! HAHA

Well things have been going really good as of late, still getting to know the area and getting to know all the members and what not, which is super fun and funny at the same time!  Last week being the last for me and Elder Caceres had just a great week together. We found some wonderful people to teach! First we met a man who knows about the Church and the Elders but hasn´t been to church in 40 years! So obviously we are teaching him right now and he has a baptismal date for the 11th of May, SWEET huh? We continue working with Cathy and Axel our Mother and Son with the disabilities and they are progressing very nicely!


We were invited and went to their home on Friday night for a little farewell with Elder Caceres, it was a way fun super blast.  We ate a bunch of sweets and took fun pictures with crazy hats and just laughed a lot!!

Things are great here but the only little thing we´ve been having trouble with is finding new investigators who will progress! We have no problem FINDING  new people, but they are either SUPER CRAZY or don´t have much DESIRE to progress. We have been praying for some miracles and you do the same back home all who are reading, but we for sure will be having be having some baptisms in the month of May!
So as I said. Elder Caceres is home now after some way good milkshakes and fries our last night together, they were his favorite things I made!! He was super content to be returning home as we know our friendship will not end here!!

 .. sooooo now I have a new companion, and it is none other the wonderful Elder Wells from California! He is a great kid he has 16 months in the mission!  He is also part Asian... woot woo ya´ll you know I love the Asians!!! HAHA I am his Senior Companion.
This past Saturday and Sunday were easily two of the hardest days for me since I have been on my Mission, I got really ill I mean on the floor dying sick!  I spent Saturday night literally sleeping in the bathroom on the floor beside the porcelain alter because I was soooo sick all night!  Sunday I just wanted to die, but I manned up went to Church, and finished the day. Today I’m recovering but just drained... haha, because we had some Elders come spend the night at our apartment and although lights out on time the voices continued. 

Our apartment is like a Safe House, gottcha’ mom, not really, it’s a pit stop/spend the night spot for Elders who are going to do visa stuff or renew identity and stuff like that. One of my good buddies, Elder Hougaard from Timp, came to spend the night and we were up till like 3 talking, it was sooo much fun and I am PAYING for it today.
We have been taking our laundry to the matt as shortly after we got here the ones in the building broke down.  I swear they didn’t look like they had been used since the 1900’s anyways so it came as no surprise to us but hey’, clean clothes that feel clean, I ain’t complaining, and also blessings from heaven, elevators, as you can tell from last photo, were not exactly on “Ground Zero”  (no offense to anyone intended).
I have not and cannot email Romina as we are not allowed to contact anyone of the opposite sex that are within our Mission Boundaries even if they are married etc, but I did get permission for to attend her baptism when she sets a date.  I will be contacted two weeks before it occurs so I can make arrangements to be there! I am not sure when that will be though but OH GLORY DAYS when it happens!
I know you’re stressed about Skype on Mother’s Day but I have no new news there yet mom, I will continue to work on it and will have good news by next Monday PROMISE, don’t worry!
And how about those two crazy friends of mine a “SHOUT OUT" TO CHELS and ABREA, you two are so funny but thanks for the hello!  What a great feeling to know I have such great support back home!  Also CONGRATS and BEST WISHES to my friend “ELDER KURTIS TAUFA” heading out on his Mission to Oakland California this Wend says, I know you will be as good “In the Field as you were On the Field  LPHS Football!   
OH and…. TODAY I COMPLETE 14 MONTHS!!!!!!!!  WHAAATTTT???? So 10 more months to kill it here in Argentina and I’m gonna hit it as hard as I can times getting away from me!  Really the past 14 months has grown my testimony immensely and I know without a doubt the Church is true.
Well all, it’s that time again, I gotta’ run.  I can never say enough I love you all so much sending that love out to all!  Remember stay sweet, stay beautiful, and do you love your favorite Elder?
Until Next Week,
The One and Only
Elder Wade Draper





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