Monday, April 08, 2013


Hey Family and Friends,
I hope everyone had an outstanding Conference weekend, I did!!! The President made a little rule that if we wanted to attend all the sessions of Conference we had to have 60% of our key indicators done to attend, so Elder Caceres and I worked our butts off to get that 60% and thank goodness we got it done!!!

So how amazing was Conference right?  Even though I watched it in Spanish, and scrambled to take notes,  I would encourage everyone, Brothers' and Sisters' to read the Priesthood session talks because they were absolutely amazing, especially the talk by President Uchtdorf!  It really strengthened my testimony about the Priesthood! 

The talk that I loved the most was by President Monson on Sunday morning. He talked about obedience and how if we are obedient to the Lord’s commandments he will bless us with the knowledge that we want to receive!  I just absolutely love President Monson, nobody laughs at his jokes here... humor is not a part of the culture I guess, I was the only one laughing in the Sacrament hall.... and you know my laugh...... hahaha what can I say!  If anyone reading didn’t get the chance to hear or watch Confernece, really I encourage you to do so.  Following Conference we had lunch with a member both days.

My Comp continues to be all that I could ask for and we had a really adventurous experience this week.  As you can tell by the picture Fuerte is ???  While we were trekking the power in our area went out and we had an appointment in El Fuerte,  there was no light whatsoever, so it was felt like we were filming a movie traveling through El Fuerte with our little light.  I wasn’t scared at all though, knew the Lord was right there keeping those batteries working in the little flashlight you packed mom! I would have to say just the opposite, super exciting navigating the stairs and everything!  So yes Mom you did catch that the stair comment, didn’t catch it myself tell the email had gone but we are fine there in El Fuertre even though it is dangerous and I mean dangerous, I love the adventure as usual! There are actually a TON of members who live there and we are teaching as many!!!

We also have a new investigator who is absolutely amazing! She was a reference from her neighbor who is a member. Her husband passed away 2 months ago and she has trouble walking and she also has a son with a little learning disability. We taught her an amazing lesson last week that just applied to her situation and the spirit was so strong in the room.  We also talked about how through the Gospel of Jesus Christ she can return to see her husband again. She also told us that when she prays about the things we teach, she feels something different and she likes it, so we are definitely going to keep reaching out to her!!!
The weather here is turning cooler but I’m keeping warm and my shoes are fine at this time.  I will try and get these suits to a dry cleaner now that I am nearer to town, yes they could use it!

Wow sounds like you had a busy week with Gram’s surprise 80th Bday Party, I am glad the church ladies all came I am sure she enjoyed it! Send me the photos in the mail I am sorry they are not coming through the net today!  Aunt Brenda flew in from Texas how awesome was that!!!

So Mom, lunch with Elder Piili’s mom great how did that come about!  I can just see the two of you laughing and having a great time.  I am sure that she is as much fun as he was in Alabama when we served together, absolutely the BEST COMP!!!

And hey Pops, how are ya?  Like I mentioned, I just loved Conference and the Priesthood session, Uchtdorf’s talk etc. etc.  This new area is good, Iam learning it because my Comp leaves in 2 weeks and the President told me I would be Training at that time, so I got a lot to do to get ready for that!  Hope everything is going well for ‘ya back home, I hear the weather is nice!  Keep it real Pops!
So now.... I have to give a HUGE shout out.....CONGRATS TO BRELYNN BROMLEY ON YOUR MISSION CALL TO NEW ZEALAND!  I am so proud and excited for her and she is going to be an outstanding, fabulous, amazing Missionary!!!!!!!!
Well I hope everyone has a great week as I did this past one! I gotta run ‘cause, yes I have a few emails out there waiting for me YEA!!!  I love Pdays however I continue to miss ya´ll so much!!!

Remember kids... do you?

Love Your,
Elder Wade Draper

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