Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello Everyone!!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome week like I did! My new comp and I are doing really well together! Elder Wells is super great, first of all because he is Asian and I can crack little Asian jokes at him every now and then... so that is super funny to do!

We made a goal this week to find new investigators, and the beginning of the week was super hard for us.  We spent like basically 2 days knocking doors and nobody was answering, I was about to the point of Knocking down doors instead of on them! To top it all off it was decently hot this past week, so you might say we were just a tad bit bummed.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were probably 2 of the funniest nights of my mission! Elder Slone went on a division with his Zone Leaders from his Zone and one of them came to live with us for 2 days.

Elder Tyler Whitlock from Nephi, HELLO PALMERS he is a “Freakin” stud! We had some really amazing conversations and he taught me some really amazing techniques that I can use when I am standing at at a door contact, so that we can get into the house and teach the lesson! I just really admire Elder Whitlock a ton! He is a legit Missionary and super role model! We had a really good time with our late night chats!

After those few days had passed we put those techniques in play/applying what Elder Whitlock taught me, and we it worked, the doors were opening and we started getting into houses! There were maybe like 4 people who did not let us in in like 5 days so that is like crazy right, it was good to say the least!

Our baptisms are coming along with one of our old investigator’s Marina, she is doing great! She came to church with us yesterday and loved it!  When you look at her you just think wow,  she resembles the perfect Member of the church, she is just a darling woman! On the other hand our other fecha Cathy... well we are having some problems there.  She wants to get baptized but she isn’t coming to church, and her nephew is trying to convince her to wait a year so he can baptize her, super lame but we are working through it!

Well sorry for the short one but it has been a busy day with the Mission President email and catching him up on this past week.  I have located a SKPYE for us Mom so we can get that time figured out next email.  Tell all I love them and miss them and I am glad Grams got her Bday card, now she owes me a letter back.  Thanks for the incoming box sounds like some yummy things on the way can’t wait to find out what’s in it! 

I gotta run now all so keep it real tell next week I love You all so much keep praying for your Elder and all the Missionaries around the world!  As you know, same time next week!

Love yall so much!  I said it once and I’ll say it many times more, “ The book is Blue and the Church is true!

 Love, Your Ever Amazing Missionary 
Elder Wade Draper

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