Monday, May 06, 2013


Hola familia y amigos,

Espero que cada uno tuvo una buena semana irends!   As for me SUPRISE, I'm still here hanging out here in Argentina! LOL
This past week we had a really GOOD week and I do mean GEAT!  We started out with an absolutely AMAZING Zone Conference with President, Hermanan Carter and the Assistants!!!!  We talked about a lot of things and what would help us in the field.  Things like how to acknowledge the members and let them know without their support the obra misional is very difficult. 

We also learned some ways to work with our members to show that their confidence in us is important, so that we may be invited to reach even deeper into their families and friends continuing to spread the gospel. 
Heremana Carter shared a story about Daniel and the lions den and then had us ponder for a moment, what the image she displayed, meant to us.  As I did, at first I gotta admit (cause you know how I love art), I could see Tim Burton having a hand in the picture, it was different, but  then I felt a sudden whisper of GET SERIOUS there's a message here for you ELDER DRAPER!!!  I starred for awhile and's what that Spirit spoke to me...The lions in the den represented the times I have felt like the Advisary is there so strong and ready to pounce anytime if I only would let him defeat my cause however, like Daniel, if I remain calm and turn to my Heavenly Father in prayer through faith and diligence victory will defeat any lions that wander onto my path.
Next President talked about the Atonement and how we can apply it to our lives and the lives of our investigators'.  We watched a really good video by President Packard that talked about "Christ Atonement" and he said something at the end that I want to share with everyone  reading as we all are Missionaries of God..."The message that our Missionaries bring to everyone around the world is the is the message of HOPE"....Hope what a beautiful sequel to faith and hear I think a lot of HOPE can be spread around!!!!  BAM there was the spirit back at me for the second time!!!  CONFERNECE WAS JUST SO GOOD I WALKED AWAY WITH A BIGGER STRIDE!!

So Elder Wells and I are just getting along swimmingly!  We had a really awesome Ward activity on Wednesday because it was a holiday here.  We ate an asado at the church and then we gave a spiritual thought about Temples to all.  We had 5 of our investigator's come to the activity and they Pasamos de maravilla con los miembros (had a blast with the members)!

Marina our investigator continues to progress well she is just adorable!  After like every lesson she calls us into her tiny kitchen and sends us off with bags of goodies to take home.  She makes these amazing vanilla muffin cookies and alfajors.  She truly is a priceless gem!  Oh before I forget Mom two things skping aournd 4:00 here I guess about 1:00 there and I don't think we got our baptism pictures in the Mission video as I did those just when I arrived there after the March video still like last 2 days of March but wasn't and yet since it was March it wasn't posted in the April video sorry, buy you got the pics, or so I hear from my friends ,they are o the blog...and thanks Mom for all you do there too!  Can't wait to see you and chat have the tissue by the cam Mom but you should be getting to be a pro at this by now!LOL
Transfers are coming up Wednesday so it will be exciting to see what happens but AHHHH my heart so wants to stay here, I love it so so much, keep on you knees by night and fingers crossed by day!!!
Well I must part but I leave you with the words of one of my favorites, Florence W....."It's hard to dance with the Devil on your him off" and my added words get dancing or keep on keeepin' on!  Have a great week everyone and keep me ion your prayers!!   Love ya'll, same time next week let your spirit stay beautiful!!!
The One and Only
Elder Wade Draper


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