Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Welll Hey Family and Kids,

Here it is another week gone by and I hope all is well there! What a week I had, it was really an outstanding one!
Last Monday after I wrote, we gathered as a Zone and played a little soccer.  We had a nice little REAL SLC tournament here in Gonzales Catan between the Districts in the Zone, and let’s just say my poor district was never “In the Zone", we didn´t win one game but we had the most fun and that’s all that matters right? As you could have guessed, I am not the most amazing offensively, but I looked or should I say played, by far the BEST defense, my heart walked away happy “Is that suttel pride, because if the answer is yes, this BEAST, would be guilty! Thanks to the good ol´ football days I am not afraid to throw my weight around (or what’s left of it) LOL.
It was a super awesome opportunity to get to know other Missionaries in the Zone.  I got to know Elder Roque from Brazil, and what  is it about Brazilian Elders’, they just ROCK!  I have always been fascinated with Brazil (not to mention the women are beautiful not only on the surface, but from within, THE HEART), the Hermanas here have such a special spirit!  I have made a goal here in the Mission to learn Portuguses by the time I finish!  I am going to ask President if sometime during my Mission, I could serve with a Brazilian Companion.

During the course of the tournament I also got to chat with Elder Mitchell Call  (LPHS KNIGHTS FOREVER).   Speaking of LPHS, shout out from ESPN an MaxPrep etc. on the State and National Championship but Seventeen Magazine “My Crush of the Week is…the Knights of Lone Peak High School basketball team by Devin Tomb, REALLY STOP  IT!  I guess little Sis is growing up, but Lyn’s put that magazine down and SLOW DOWN tell I get home your growing up to fast while I am away!

This past week we went from having zero baptismal dates to having, sit down,  5!!!! The family that I wrote about last week where the Mom is going through difficult times, they are progressing very nicely Her and her Daughter, have dates for the 30th of March, and we are working with the Son as well.  He has a little bit more going on in his life so it’s gonna be a little tougher, but I know we can help him out!

We also met with another Mom and Daughter, who know Missionaries from a different part of Buenos Aires.  I was taken back when she expressed that she felt she had a better relationship with the North American Missionaries because we are so far from our home and families and she said “Who would do that if there wasn’t something really special about what you are doing”?   We hit it off pretty good with the visit, so I am excited to return.  I am not sure how my Comp felt about the remark though, I really didn’t bring it up again! She also expressed the only thing that was holding her back from being baptized up to this point was that she thought that her Daughter had to serve a Mission for her to become a member.  We returned with the fact we would love to see her Daughter serve a Mission someday but it was not a prequalification, so they both set a date to be baptized!

I don´t remember if I wrote about a girl we are teaching who recently turned 15, has a 6 month old baby and smokes 3 packs of 20 cigarettes a day! I have my work cut out for me and will truly need the help of Heavenly Father to help her overcome this addiction, however she is progressing really well.  We have made goals for her to help wean her smoking habits until she doesn’t have the urge and does not smoke anymore! She really has the desires to change her life and it will be most difficult for her but I know with “Faith”, all things can be achieved and that is a message we leave with her with each visit, “We have faith in you as does Heavenly Father, now return your Faith in him, he will not let you fail!

Yesterday in Church we had 7 investigators in the meeting, which was a huge blessing as they have staggered over the past couple weeks, so once again, I got a jump start from above!  Another investigator, Beti, who we have been working with for about a month, came for the first time and she loved everything she heard!  Ana, who turns 9 today, returned with her family, who are members but inactive, and she was excited to set a date for her baptism for the 30th as well! Even though she is young her spirit is strong and she told us in her words, “This is a perfect opportunity to help reactivate my family, I am so happy”.  If that little Missionary doesn’t get me all choked up!

So pondering this past week, I have really seen Mirracles at work, while serving the members here in this Ward. I have come to also realize how important it is to have the help of the members within the ward to engage in the welfare of the investigators that visit. I especially witnessed this yesterday.  The members of “My Ward”, feels like I belong here, were on top of it making sure that our investigators felt welcomed, comfortable, and loved and that the investigators left with a good feeling in their hearts of the experiences that day, what a great Ward!

Well my time has come and gone like so many other weeks but I am sure this week to come will be a great one!  Until next week know that I love ya´ll and pray always for you!  You are all beautiful and I thank you for your support, letters and emails!  Gotta run now Mom, so hang in there and tell Dad  I’m praying for his safe trip home.  Also tell Slade he’s the STINKER!!!!  Give my love to Misty, Gage and Nate as well. Best of luck Wyatt at Baseball March Madness and to you Lyn’s with your Piano Solo.  Last but certainly not least, Grandma, you know you will always be  _ _ _ _!!!  Same time next week all!
Elder Draper

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