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Hello Crazy Kids and Family,

Well another week has gone by and now Febrero is officially over and March is well under way we are going to finsh it  STRONG, I hope!  ASsof late we are planning a BIG activity in the Ward, Una Noche de Talentos (A Talent Night) kinda like a road show back in the good old days.  It is going to be so much fun.  We have the youth in the Ward so pumped/excited about it, looking for a good turnout!  Yours turly will be performing one or two numbers and I as thinking  about singing a song that I found here in Argentina called "En Cambio No" by Laura Pausini, so we will see how that goes down.  We also have Stake Conference this month and our Ward choir was chosen to perform at Conferenece so Hermana  Alina has asked me to help organize it so let's just say ,I hope that it turns out perfect, I know it will!

Here is the answer to your question Mom: There is no legal system/justice for crooks here.  It is awful, though they caught those guys they just released them afer they got our stuff back.  We do not fill out any reports other then to our District Leaders.  For this reason I only carry between 10-15 pesos because very few places here take our cards, wierd, you would think they would be use to the Missionary culture by now and that the fact is OUR WORD IS TRUE as is our cash!!!  As for the exhange, Wyatt, glad you got your Bday card, it is 5-1 so that 2 pesos is roughly $10 in American currency.

I am no tsure about extending my Mission not even sure if that will be an option with the amount of Missionaries flooding in to the Mission field with the recent announcement.  I have been pondering coming home and erolling in the Spring semester-April at UVU.  Elder Cade Larsen and 2 other Missionary friends of mine will all be home at the same time and were talking about roomates etc.  Dad will LOVE that I will be close or just up the street tfrom home to help with that yard work! HAHA

The weather here is starting to get cooler and I am loving it.  I sleep so much better at night when it's cooler but for me, it's not time to  pull out the sleeping bag just yet! 

As if  right now we don't have any baptisms set for this week as our our folks just have not been showing up to church consistanly.  A Hermana in the Ward did invite her Sister and childern to come to some acitivites and hince they have started coming to church.  The Sister was there yesterday and loved the message.  She has been going through some really rough times recently and she says the Gospel  makes her feel comforted and that is exacly the peace she  has been needing.  We are going to meet wit with her this week for lessons and wathch the Spirit open the doors to her heart for the desire to be baptised and start working on settig that date. We also met a Brother of a member and his girlfriend last week and began teaching them.  The member told us that he is really happy that his Brother is finally taking the lessons because for so many years he did not want anything to do with the church and when Missionaries knocked he would send them rudely away.  He said he continued to pray for his Brother and he knows that Heavenly Father has answered his prayers with our speical presence and he is over the top happy that we have been able to speak with his Brothe,r and that he has invited us to return.  I feel he will progress well, there is something special about this man and he has yet to share it, but I can see it in his eyes, he is good man!  He expressed he and his girlfrined are going to vist the Temple tommorrow!  She (the girlfriend) is very intrested in Baptism for the Dead, as she lost her Mother last year.  There is yet another Mother of  3, a teenager and 2 little girls, that we are teaching as well, the little, ones are so cute and funny.  What is about the kids here that makes me laugh and leave with a smile?  We had Famly Home Evening with them last week and it was just so much fun for all!

Well I think this past week I might have gained an ounce or two as we usually just eat lunch but this week the members fed us dinner, and I do mean FED US!!!  They were so generous it made my stomache this side of nauseated, as I am not used to eating like that, but you don't want to offend anyone right?   Once again I was in the kitchen learing to cook new items such as fieso con tuco, flan to add to my Merlo dishes of tortilla de papas with empanadas, so MOVE OVER PAULA DEAN, still love ya though!  Can't wait to prepare some dishes for you all when I get home!

Overall Mom, I would have to say I am doing just GREAT.  We had a pretty dang good week here in Virrey and I'm heading out to play soccer with the Zone today, that should be fun and I'll be sure to send picture next week (beat you on that one Mom)!  Tell Grandma I am not sure who owes who a letter so she better get writting!! HAHA  I look forwad to her letters alot, she looked pretty good on the video always looks good in Magenta.  It will be good to hear her laughter and teasing again! 

I hope everyone there had a great week as well!  I gotta' run now but you all know I miss and love you lots!  Remember again, THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE AND THE BOOK IS BLUE!!!

Love Your,
Elder Draper

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