Monday, March 18, 2013


Hey All,
This past week was easily one of the greatest weeks in my mission!  As Maraiah and Whitney sing “There can be miracles if you believe”!

I got to go on an exchange with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Migdat who is from CALI CAL, and has the same amount of time in the Mission as I do. The exchange with him was  an awesome experience!  I definitely learned alot during the exchange! The exchange lasted 3 days so I was with him for the majority of the week and it was great to be out with him!


Ever since I got here, to this area, Vierrey del Pino, I have wanted to explore different parts of the area, because it is so massive! This past week we traveled a little further/deeper, into the area and we found some wonderful people. We talked alot about faith, because that is something that I need more of, faith in myself and also faith in the Lord. We knocked on a ton of doors this week around there and nobody was answering or nobody would accept us, or invite us in, very discouraging,  it was kind of a huge bummer!!  Elder Migdat could read it on my face so he proceeded to tell me about his technique to find people and he calls it “Finding with Faith”. After his encouragement we pulled out the map once again, knelt in to say a little prayer and then we just followed the Spirit.  We picked a street and headed toward that street but before we got to it this is what happened.  Some kids were playing soccer nearby and the ball came towards us so we kicked it back and are eyes found this man sitting watching the kids play.  We talked to him a little bit and he became sad as he told us about his 15 year old daughter who had passed away like 3 years ago.  I felt so compelled in that moment to share the Plan of Salvation so we shared that message as we watched him weep, I myself choking back tears, what  super spiritual experience.  Later  Elder Migdat reminded me that if we had given up that day and not continued to  go through all those houses, face disappointment and then call on the Father we would not have found this man, and there yet was another BIG TESTIMONY of Heavenly Father’s “Seek and Ye shall Find”  just a big testimony builder to me!

We have also been working really hard with our investigators who are getting baptized on the 30th! We are for sure going to have 3! Vanesa, her daughter,Tamara, and also Ana. We are super excited for them because they are progressing so very well!

The talent show planning is going really good! I have my songs picked out and everything, and we have some really good participation and “Acts” from the Ward.  Alina reminds me to take a bow when it’s over at the applause, “Go Elder Draper” she says kids and teens as well as young adults are showing up like crazy for rehearsal and we have about 60% of the Ward participating including less active members!  She calls me Pop Star, how funny is that! HAHA

The transfer ends this week, so fingers crossed that I stay in the area for the baptisms and the talent show, would be really sad to miss that, it’s been a lot of work and fun!!!!!

Weather is also turning a little chillier here! I here it is so nice out there in Utah the “Holy Land” land! ;) no shorts for me right now! HAHA. But the tan yes!

Well kids remember as Momma Doman always says, “Work Harder, Love More, Laugh Allot!  Take care all until next week same time!

Elder Wade Draper

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