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OHLA VIRREY del PINO...1/7/2012



Well Hey Kids and All,

So "Peace Out" to Altos de Merlo and Ohla to Virrey del Pino!!!

I got the official news Tuesday that I was being transferred.  I kind of knew that it was coming and with that hunch I went and said goodbye to my beloved Altos del Merlo converts families, and investigators; it was  super sad at times but I knew it was for the good and the next plan Heavenly Father had for me while on this Mission.

We went to transfer meeting and out little transfer video came on and soon up popped none other then "Elder Draper" and there I was heading off to the zone of Gonzalez Catan, Virrey del Pino to join Elder Busttamante (this will be my third Latino companion). 

I met up with Elder Neilson as well, and as always it was so good to see him and our matching ties were awesome!

Following the meeting I had a great suprise waiting for me outside, you see Romina and her  family had come to see me off.  It was good see them one last time and say goodbye in heart and tears.  My little Mia just closed her eyes and told her Mom that she did not want to see me go.  I will see them again someday!

I then returned home and packed like lightening and luckily all my stuff fit into the remis (taxi like car) the following morning.  The rolling duffle bag you sent Mom for Christmas was a life saver but I did have to leave a few things behind like clothes that were just too big and yes my little Christmas tree stayed as well.  I left it with a Christmas wish for whatever Elder's are there at Xmas next year.  Elder Wilson say's it's staying up as long as he lives there! HAHA I wasn't really nervous about the transfer although it is my first here, I've kinda developed this whatever happens, HAPPENS!  It's nopt my will but "Thine Will" and he will lead by his grace because I go in faith. 


So Virrey del Pino means 2nd King of the I really in "Lord of the Rings" or what? HAHA  The area is feels enormous and measures 10 kilometers wide which is about 11 miles.  I guess it feels large as we are the only 2 Missionaries here and we shall be footing it about, no bikes here!  We will also be taking alot of Micors along the ruta (highway)  but where the pavement stops so do the buses so it's a muddy or dry dirt distance to and from the bus! 

Our apartment is kind of like a tree house very small and it looks like soemthing that Harry, Ron and Hermione would hold up in while on the run from Voldemort! HAHA  Just the two of us living here with the splendid company of mosquitos, cockroaches and spiders! YAAAA I don't mind the spiders because I have always felt they serve their purpose as they dispose of the other bugs I don't like but I did have to kill a rather large one.  I have no idea about the water here but Elder B said we were going out to buy mineral water this afternooon and yep still washing laundry out by hand.  We have one fan in the apartment which is very hot these days about 95 today with humidity of I don't know, sauna! SUPER HOT!!

This area is also not organized at all and Elder B, bless his heart doesn't know it very well either, he has only been here for a month.  He is a great Elder though and has been out for 5 months now.  He came into the field the same day I arrived in Argentina.  He is actually from Mendoza Argentina (Barnes shout out).  He likes anime and rock music....wooo hooo party over here, serioulsy just kidding!!!

The Ward is pretty awesome and as always the members feed us and are very nice!  We have three hour very hot meetings, not many windows here and our church is at 9 as well.  I think I found one of  my favorite Ward members yesterday.  Her name is Alina and she is the Bishop's daughter , very nice and welcoming to all, she is also the Stake Young Women's Preseident.  She is super funny, kinda a dizzy diva, but is so good with the Hermanna's in the ward and she carries a very strong testimony in her heart and is not afraid to share it in Sacrament.

Well Iam looking very forward to serving in my new area here in Virrey del Pino for the next 6 weeks and probably longer.  I am going to go forth doing "His" work as I have been doing and serving all I can.

Until next week, prayers from "Pino" are being sent your way!  I love you all and miss you much!
You know you love me!!!!

Elder Draper    

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