Monday, December 31, 2012


Well Hello, Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful Christmas filled with lots of fun and family, and oh duhhh THE SPIRIT!!! Here are a few videos from the Christmas program enjoy!

 Carold de las campanas (CAROL OF THE BELLS)




Christmas Eve morning was rough! I had to get up at 3am so we could be at the offices by 6am!  I was exhausted by evening! The collectivo was packed full of people, and everyone knows that I am not a morning person! There is about a ten minute walk from the bus station to the offices and as we were walking, I noticed there were a ton of like teens just roaming the streets, dressed really nice.  I was like. wow it is super early for these kids to be out and about, little did I realized there was a huge party in Ramos the night before and for a breif moment I was super bummed it reminded me of the good ol days hanign out with friemds! We made it on time to go to the Buenos Aires Temple, it was soo cool! I had a super spiritual experience there, and it was just an amazing morning, thankful for the BAW Mission Temple President and his famliy for sharing that day with us and making it possible!

After the Temple we headed back to the offices for a wonderful little Christmas party! Elder Gomez and I were the only ones from our Zone there, so we were kind of solo, but hello, I'm Wade Draper I am never solo! I got to catch up with my papi Elder Delgado! We talked for a bit and also I sat with Elder Crowther while we ate,  super fun! We had our Christmas program which was amazing and President gave a really good message!

Christmas Eve was great we ate dinner at Rominas and I cooked about 150 milanesas because there were 15 of us, so that was super fun!

Also that night we slept on the roof to watch the fireworks! At midnight they all went off and it was a Kodak moment and of course the Altos Elders got a little rendition sung by me of "Firework" by Katy Perry super funny!


Christmas day we awoke and I opened all my goodies! Def my fav present was the Tony Bennett duets album! LOVE IT!
We made a really yummy christmas breakfast thanks to my mother for the ham and pancake mix and then a little budin!

We had a yummy lunch with Romina and the fam at 1pm, and then a little later got to spend the afternoon talking with my family! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
Galatians 3:27 
I had another baptism this past Saturday. Our investigator Fabiana got baptized and I did the baptism because she said I look like Joseph Smith when he is old from The Restoration movie... and for that reason wanted me to baptize her! HAHAHA
The baptism went really well! We had kind of like a joined baptism with the Elders from Merlo and Altos 1 because Merlo capilla had no water, and Altos 1 and 2, we share a chapel!
After the baptism we had a Ward activity for the end of the year, we played a little bit of futbol and volleyball and you know I destroyed them in volleyball, haha I hit the gospel principles teacher in the face off of a serve... my bad.
 I am hoping everyone had good Holidays!  This week we have transfers! Have no idea what is going to happen but I am pretty sure that I am out this transfer but we will see! I will miss this place gotta admitt it!

Well kids, I hope ya´ll have a good week and I will let ya know where I am next week!

Love ya´ll.
Over and Out!

Elder Wade S. Draper

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