Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Hello All,
First... the man sitting next to me is going to blow my ear drums out with his coughing... hello this is what cigarettes does to your lungs, put down the cigarette dude!

Elder B and I are doing great, he is a kind Companion. His family are all members and they write and send things often to him so we are good there Mom!  He has a girlfriend that he also writes to so on Pday we stand along time in line to mail “The Letter” as the post office here is also like the welfare distribution center so that is why I don’t write as many letters I guess.

Well what a week we had! Like it started out supper crazy!  We found out Tuesday morning that one of our investigators tried killing himself by consuming rat poison... HOW CRAZY IS THAT super sad and he has been on my mind ever since, but was taken out of our area to hospital so we really can’t go see him.  

We we did allot of walking this week, ALLOT!  I know that I mentioned that our area is 10 miles long, but to save on funds we walked a tremendous amount this week, I am tired of putting money on my bus card it gets expensive you know, I am thankful to not have any episodes of when my knees do that dislocation thing with the miles I have put on them this week, Heavenly Father is looking out for me for sure! Thus we taught allot of lessons this week as well.

Shoes still good Mom one pair  for walking and the other for church so when these walking ones wear out ,and I am sure they will see their days here in “Pino” ,I will finish out in the church pair and as winter comes on I have my boots so I am confident I won’t need new ones, so don’t dread sending the one at a time thing K! 

I get pretty hot during the day but don’t really get that hot at night because we leave the top floor windows open and have a fan, but it is a little a lot warmer at night then back home in the basement! Our  pich sets behind a carniceria and kiosco and there is a gate we have to unlock to get back to our apartment.  I have been told that this is a pretty dangerous area but at night I feel pretty safe.  Showers are bit uncomfortable no cold water only scalding hot water so ya in and out!

Almost got robbed the other day, again, and I was not going to have it, I was hot and not in a very good mood, the mosquitos had just made me their main entrée for lunch so I was just a little miserable at the time this wenr down.  Low and behold 2 pibes walked up to us and asked me what time it was, I looked at my watch and told them the time, they then asked if they could use our phone to send a text message, I thought to myself you gotta be kidding me, been there did this but this time I understood what they were saying and where this was heading,.  I probably rolled my eyes before I told them with a somewhat stern voice,  I am not a fool and you are not going to take our phone, so please kingly continue walking, and they did. haha
Also the other day I was yelled at by a member from a different ward. We were at a baptism for a little girl in our Ward and there was a lady visiting.  I noticed that her dress was inside out.  I thought if that I we’re in that position, I would most definitely want someone to tell me, so I discreetly told her that her dress was inside out.  She looked at me and just started yelling at me in Castillano! I didn’t know what to do! I mean I was jaw dropping speechless and embarrassed, so I walked away.  Ha Ha

Hey Dad glad to see you online.  Yes I am trying not to drink the water and just staying alive. HAHA You would be so proud of me, I not only fried an egg for the first time but actually ate it, to my surprise it was DELICIOUS, maybe because I was just that hungry! Still can’t bring myself to choke down the hard boiled ones though! Here is the lesson we were taught by the Mission President this week about success and never excepting less than 100%.  He was speaking off Laman and Lemual this is his remarks,  Even when faced with a visit from an angel they still continue to murmur and find reason to give up and be content to say, ”It cannot be done”.   They are content with 40% 0r 60% but Nephi did not want to face his (Zone Leader) Lehi and his Heavenly Father with anything less than 100% so he chose to show his faith by returning once again to the house of Laban and his success was achieved”.  Nothing feels better than 100% but sometimes it is not always the case here, even when we try our hardest.  That is when I turn to Heavenly Father in the evenings in prayer and ask “Have I done any good in the world today, Have I helped someone in need, Have I cheered up the sad and made someone glad, do you think today I did succeed?  I know he knows when we give our 100% and I testify that he will strengthen us when we strive to the fullest even, if the results fall short of 100%. He also reminds of the “Free Agency” that he has gifted to all. Love you Dad!

That is so awesome that Wyatt had his Deacon interview, I was thinking he was still 10, man time is really truly flying huh!  Pretty neat he wore the jacket I did to my Deacon interview, only Mom, you get my drift?   

We found a really good investigator this week as we were walking to the church at the end of the day.  There was this kind of sketchy looking guy sitting at the gates of the church, and as we passed we said "Hi" to him.  He asked us if we remembered him, I didn’t and Elder Bustamante after about 3 minutes did! He is the boyfriend of a member in a different Ward, and was a reference like a month ago before I arrived here! We have been teaching him since that day and he is progressing really well! He came to the Ward Baptism and came to church yesterday.  We were so pleased to see him there, early, waiting on us to arrive.  It was a super good feeling and surprise, highlight of my day!  He is just a way good guy so it just goes to show “You can't judge a book by its cover”!

My favorite thing in the Mission field is helping and serving others.  As you know, meeting new people has always been a highlight for me since I was a young.  To meet and then help, well that’s the greatest!
Well before I close kids I guess I should share a little talent I have picked up along the way here in the mission. I am pretty good now at doodling on Pdays when I don't have a service project or am standing in the long lines here in “Pino”. I have a certain knack for drawing Asian women, like the ones in Memoirs of a Geisha in the traditional kimona’s. I am also getting pretty good at Tim Burton characters and Dr. Suess extravaganza.  I will send pictures next week Lyns and Wyatt.

Well I hope everyone is doing well and that the New Year is treating everyone well, peace and happiness are my wishes for you! I better close so same time next week all.

Elder Wade Draper

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