Monday, January 28, 2013



Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone has had a good week, mine has been pretty dang good!!!
It has been sooo hot here, like hell fire hot, but “I ain´t mad at it heyyyy “(a quote from one of my favorite movies, guess, those of you who know me will recognize it!  The sun however just keeps working wonders for the tan!

Well last Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with my “Grandpa” in the mission, Elder Schmeil, unfortunately he goes back home to Brazil this Wednesday, wish we could have hooked up sooner!! We had the funnest day ever since I have been out on my Mission! I learned so much from him, he is like an amazing missionary! Allot of missionaries here have there "Missionary Hero", and I would have to say he is mine! He was in Virrey del Pino about a year and a half ago, so he knows a ton of people here, so he was able to tell me allot about the area, where there are good places to work and stuff like that!
Tuesday night we stayed up talking and he gave me the coolest insight about my mission, (ALL CREDITS GOT O ELDER RODRIGO SCHMEIL).  The mission, he said, is like the POS:Plan of Slavation) in that we start out in our homes with our families and friends and refrred to it as the (PML:Pre Mortal Life). Then we are called to go away to serve a Mission (TC:The Creation.  Now we are serving our Mission and we go through some hard, fun, happy and sad times etc(LOE/Life On Earth Now).  We do this for 2 years and shortly thereafter it is time to go home, although it is difficult, as we have grown to love the people and service we give to them, but, at the same time we want to return home to our family and friends (D:Death).  After we return home we go on with our lives continuing to learn and grow in the gospel, having our own families and live a happy life(TCK:The Celestial Kingdom). I don't think I have ever heard or understood things more clearly then his words and I think it's the best ananlogy ever. I absolutely loved it and will carry it in my heart for along time!
Other than that the week was pretty normal, continuing to work hard and find new people to teach.  We had the opportunity to do some service on Saturday! We cut one of our investigator’s lawn and cleaned up her patio!  It was allot of fun!  If I may mention, it felt great to be in normal clothes for a bit!  We used a weed wacker to cut the lawn, and let’s just say anything made here in Argentina are not made very well.  While I was cutting a patch of grass the thing like loosened up and the slack of the weed wacker line grew and I did not notice it so my leg got wacked like four times in a row OUCH!  I now have a nice scar, when it heals, to bring home from Argentina, but what do ya do? HA  It should make for some good stories down the road right!

Well this is the 5th week of the transfers, one more week to go.  They are to announce some changes.  I am hoping that President splits this area, because really, it is just so big for just the 2 of us, but we will see!

Well it’s official now Brittney’s engaged and a May wedding is planned.  Cabree, as well, is getting married in May.  I am happy for both of them and wish them many years of happiness! They both have been such good friends to me! Give Danielle a shout out for me Mom as well mom, her and Chrissy her sister, we had some great times in the day!
Sorry the emails are being weird today mom, you know I love you dearly and you are so special to me in all you do for me and keep me knowing that your there thinking of me.  The little emails you send in the middle of the week letting me know that you are thinking of me right at that moment, only a 1 liner, but it means a lot on Monday to see that you were thinking of me as I was of you in the middle of the week on any given day!

Lyn's loved the "Come Thou Fount" video you are really killing it at the piano, keep up the good work.  Oh by the way be sure to have some fun next year and take at least 1 fun class like yearbook.  It's awesome that your goal is to graduate with your Associates and going for that Rengense Scholoarship, that'snot easy to obtain but you keep that 4.0 up as you always have and bo sweat!
Wyatt, thats cool you beat the #1 basketball team by 10 points.  Sounds like summer will be super busy with traveling the country with the baseball team, way to go you made it to the AAA Tripple Crown team.  I know you can rip the leather off that ball and your crazy arm, look out boys There's A New Sherrif In Town!  GO GET 'EM  "Y"  
Well kids, stay cool... not really because I here it is pretty cold there in Utah... so stay hot, but not as hot as I am these days!  Know that I love you all and miss you as much!
Till next week,

Elder Wade Draper


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