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Hey All,

Well how is everyone doing…I hope well! I am getting to know parts of the area, the people are nice… I mean not much to say, ha, the people are really the same in every area.  There are members all over the area, not really many close to where we live though.  We continue to get fed everyday by members, we don’t really get invited on Sunday’s because it isn’t allowed as it’s another work day for us. I haven’t got sick from the water and STOP fretting about the weight loss, I mean look how great I look! HAHA

Because you asked, Alina, has a boyfriend, who is the ward secretary. Bishop is really quiet and his wife is super nice.  She shares alot of “Happenings in the Ward” so I basically now about everything that is going on which has been useful for the “GOOD”!
We are safe leaving the windows open upstairs, downstairs windows has bars but the upstairs not.  We live next to 2 other little apartment houses like ours and one has to unlock a big gate first to go back to our house so it’s pretty hard for people to get back to our house without a key.  We bought a TON of bug spray and cleaned the place last night!
I don’t use my backpack because it’s a decently nice backpack and backpacks always get robbed here.  A member in Altos made me a bag so I use that to carry around my books, I really like it and it was so thoughtful of her!   I don’t take allot of pics here as we were advised in this area not to use our cameras in public, they will get taken from you. So I’m risking it today to show off my Emeril Lagasse egg!! HA
So is anything else new there?  Lyn’s did you like the hair pic I sent you, gonna try it?  Les Mes, how was it, so jealous.   I saw a commercial for GLEE yesterday while eating lunch,  gotta admit, I miss TV!  I bet you watch and are recording it right?  As usual the highlight of our day will be eating lunch maybe a nap this afternoon, seriously a dream, it’s just too hot to hang out in the apartment, but I do wear my short sleeve shirts all the time Mom, but you know me, if I think there’s gonna’ be an opportunity for a photo shot I’m gonna pull out the long sleeves  and  rolled  'em up, so QG! HAHA
Breylnn writes weekly so I don’t think that Britt got engaged she would have mentioned it! She is working at KNEADERS up there by Utah State University. It was way cool that her mom was on MSNBC as the Alpine School District spokeswoman in regards to the policies about weapons in the school system there.  She is good at just stating the facts and not weighting in on either side of issues, not always easy I am sure when faced with “Point Blank” questions. A “SHOUT OUT” to Rhonda!
I have not gotten any packages yet Mom, because I or the zone leaders have not been to the office, did you send the calendar because I have not gotten it, it could be in the office or something. 
It is great to hear that Elder Boyer is out on his Mission.  Did I forget to mention that Witherell got married December 28th, can’t remember which temple, but his wife is the one who introduced him to the church, how cool is that!    
Dad that sucks about the furnace,  wish I could send some of this heat your way I’d trade any day!  The snow is pretty there though, those ice rods, too long to be icicles, are insane, the one has to be like 41/2 ft hanging off the back porch roof!
We have about 10 mins. left here so here’s my news for the week…
It has been super crazy like really nuts! So last week after we got done writing our emails we were waiting for the bus and Elder Bustamante told me that his girlfriend of 2 years broke up with him, and he like burst into tears, whatta say or do??  We got back home and he had a meltdown, bless his heart!   He ran and tore up every picture and letter that he ever had from her!  Super tragic!  With much prayer and a few jokes along the walks he is doing alot better now!  We made a pack that we are not going to talk about her or the situation ever, what a good companion I am, if we don’t mention her things keep moving on!
Bad luck turned worse this week, it was a long week of appointments falling through, and people not coming to Church, and things of that manner. Towards the end of the week we got things up and going again with our teaching and finding new investigators!
The weather here this past week was not very fun, I mean I love love love the rain, but while I’m a Missionary I absolutely hate it!  The weather here can flip on a dime. On Wednesday, I think it was, it was beautiful outside so we went about doing our daily routine.  In the afternoon it poured down rain, and we had no jackets, no umbrellas, not even a roof to huddle under till it lightened up, so we went the rest of the day soaking, like DRENCHING WET! Poor, poor, Missionaries!! HA HA
Also this week we had a training meeting on how we can better our teachings. We did a little teaching practicum that we were evaluated on.  I was so pleased to have Elder Young, one of my old Zone Leaders be the person overseeing our practice. Also Hermana Carter sat in on our lesson and she had some wonderful insights and I learned allot at this awesome meeting!
I also brought a huge laugh to the table when we were asked to take out our Book Of Mormon and this is what I pulled out first trying to get to my Book Of Mormon. It is some of my favorite pictures from the many you sent with me and I have put together a smaller photo album and put it in my bag to share with a   young investigator in his teens. I wanted to show him how real the gospel is in the lives of kids his /our age and to my friends back home. It was quite commical and everyone laughed pretty hard including the leaders!
So now it is known in our Zone as Elder Draper's "Book of Mormons' " with a smile  
The Ward this week had a dance and we had investigators coming so we went to the dance, but we didn´t dance obviously! The music was not like back home, they do not know how to party down here in the South, ha, so I told one of the young women after the mish I would come back and organize a dance for you them, she luaghed but liked the idea! HAHA All in all it was allot of fun, lots of good food and lots of fun talking with the members!
Well I am hoping for a good week, tomorrow is the 22nd no? 11 MONTHS, no wait, 13 MORE TO GO DARLINGS! I cannot wait to see the Anniversary video and who pops up on it, thanks to all who have been so very supportive of me while on my Mission and to Mom who just “Keeps It Real” with all the updates from back home like newspaper clippings on sports etc., wedding announcements, Missionary farewell’s etc etc., you’re the BESTEST EVER!
Time is up so just a quick testimony before I run, “The Church is TRUE, the BOOK is BLUE, and GOD and JESUS are always on our TEAM! LOVE IT!!!
Love and Miss Ya´ll!
Elder Wade Draper



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