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TRICK OR RAIN 10/29/2012



Hello Hello Hello!!!

Well first off HAPPY HALLOWEEN in 2 days, oh how I will miss it so much! I can´t remember if I mentioned it in one of my previous emails, but they only celebrate Halloween... in the big city of Capital!
Well this past week was absolutely amazing!  We are teaching some wonderfully amazing people! We are currently teaching Faustina, a darling little abuelita.  I had probably one of the most spiritual experiences ever, the other day with her.  We were teaching her about the Restoration of the Gospel, and I think she has a hard time understanding or remembering because of her age.  We were talking
about living Prophets and we showed her a picture of President Monson and the Apostles.  She just stared at it for a few good minutes, as the room remained silent.  The spirit was so strong, I felt I needed to bear my testimony about living Prophets.  She looked up at me with tear filled eyes and again I was just overcome with the spirit, an amazing experience!  I hope to have lots more!
Well I am still just trekkin along with my Senior Companion, even though  I feel like I am leading this companionship, I do get frustrated, but I have developed so much patience on the Mission. I won´t lie he is kind of odd, but then again this is coming from me right! HAHA
I am basically running on like 6 hours of sleep right now!  Saturday night I woke up just scratching my arms all over because I am covered in have a mosquito bites, so I didn´t get back to sleep that night! Then last night, out of nowhere a huge storm hit, and I woke up at like 3am, it was so loud and lightning like every 3 seconds! As I was lying in bed I heard Elder Wilson get out of bed, I presumed he was going to the bathroom, but like 2 minutes later he ran in whistling loudly telling us get up get up, the kitchen is flooding!  One of the drains on the roof was clogged, so we went on the roof to unclog the drain, it is just pouring by now.  By the time we were done it was like 5:30 in the morning and we have to wake up at 6:30 so I didn’t get back to sleep.   When I get to a computer that I can send pictures, next week, I will send one of us drenched! HAHA  that also was quite the experience!
We are having a conference with an Area 70 this week and I am super excited for that! We are also having a Stake baptismal service where all the missionaries in our zone have a goal of at least 2 baptisms.  We have 5 people scheduled for that day!  Transfers are on November 18 so hopefully I am still here!
I want to leave ya´ll with a bit of information about the mail service here and how awful it can be.  If you write me, I promise I will write you back, and you will eventually receive it, however if you write me, and I don´t write you back that means I didn´t get your letter at all.  You see the mail incoming mail here takes 10-14 days to arrive.  I then have to wait for my Zone Leaders to go into town and get mail and packages and they do that about 3 times a month so I may not actually get mail in my hands until 20 days after it is mailed from the states, packages take twice and even three times as long!

Hope all is well and I hope everyone has a safe fun happy Halloween!  Love ya´ll!
Elder Draper




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