Monday, October 22, 2012

WELCOME TANIA 10/20/2012

D & C 20:73 la persona que es llamada por Dios y tiene autoridad de Jesús Cristo a bautizar, irá hacia abajo en el agua con la persona que ha presentado a sí mismo para el bautismo y dirá, llamar a él o ella por su nombre: haber recibido el encargo de Jesucristo, yo te bautizo en el nombre del padre y del hijoy del Espíritu Santo. Amén.
Hello Hello Family Friends, Stars and Studs!

I hope ya´ll have had a good week! This past week I would like to title, “Bad Luck, With a Sprinkle of Good Luck” Ha Ha
First of all, the weather this past week has been absolutely wretched.  It rained basically every day! One of the days, I believe it was Thursday, started out beautiful! We headed out into the streets of Argentina, and out of nowhere it started pouring rain, and I without my rain gear, tragically got soaked to the bone. In some ways it made me think for a brief moment of what the Savior went through, so much, for our Salvation and this compared to only a  grain of sand, so with that thought and drenched I pressed forward for the remainder of the day!
My new companion Elder Gomez, is a quiet thing, he really doesn´t talk to me much. To clarify last week’s comment he speaks very little English not Spanish like I mistyped last week, however even when I talk to him in Spanish it´s always a little response and that’s it! I think he is shy or something, but he is a really good teacher when it comes to teaching! It isn´t very fun sitting or walking in silence either, sooo I am hoping I can change that! I need to have a fun companion or I will die!!!! HAHA
I also had a baptism this past Saturday! My darling friend Tania was baptized, and she wanted me to baptize her, so I baptized my first Argentine! She is 15 and it was a really great experience!
The preperation was a little frustrating though. The last minute on Friday night, she told us she couldn´t be baptized at the time we had planned so we had to change that. We had to call all the members and tell them the time had changed, I dont think the Bishop was to happy with us but oh well! The next day as we were filling up the font, I noticed there was a dead spider in the font and so I carefully walked into the font, and as I walked down the stairs of the font, I slipped and fell into the water. I sat there for a minute so mad, but then I just started laughing! The baptism went wonderfully and the next day was her confirmation. Earlier in the week she told me that she wanted a skirt and a blouse that she could wear to Church because she didn´t have one, so I bought her one. When she walked into the Chapel, BAM she was radiating, “Elder Draper's” wardrobe choices did work, she looked wonderful!!
(Bad Romance just came on in the cyber,, I am loving my life)HAHA, music in the cyber café what a strectch right!  Cabree, ya her guy is s stud huh, Iam happy for her! Got Addie Bentley’s address thanks moms! She is  preparing her Mission papers and will leave before I get home!
A shout out, to my Cuz, Tanner Draper, who just committed to Oregon State Baseball. That’s a trip that the the Oakland A’s, and Florida Marlins, have been to visit and are trying to recruit you as well, lots of luck to you, your hard work deserves the best!
Oh my, my little sister, Lyndsey looks, pause, SENSATIONAL in here Cheer Photos, print them off and send them to me. Is she having fun with that and is she going to keep up with that or try volleyball next year, she will be great at either! Is she wearing makeup to school to cause wow, that’s all I can keep saying to myself! She's quite the KNOCK OUT mom! Your gonna need me home soon!!
I didn’t get the Halloween package yet, but I will thanks! The Zone Leaders only go into the office 3 times a month, I think they are going in this Friday. I am supposed to go in on November 7th to get my “Identity".
Could you have Shelbie send a Christmas CD for me, I emailed her some songs that I would really like to have, before December arrives. I would really love a Picture Calendar for Christmas, have Shelbie take some photos of the family, I think that you can make them at Walmart. There are a few sound tracks I wouldn’t mind having either I will send them to you.
Well that was my week in a nutshell!I am looking forward to this upcoming week! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful October there and in Alabama! Mom will you email some pics to Sister Tracy and Sister Andrea and let them know I am thinking of them, and wishing them T"HE BEST OF THE GOSPEL "I love ya´ll in their lives!!  Well that was my week in a nutshell! I love you all so very much and wish everyone a wonderful October.  Catcha next  Monday!!
Elder Draper 










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