Friday, August 03, 2012


Well hello there family and friends,
I hope you are doing well!  I had a really good week this past week!  Elder Crowther  and I have been finding so many people to teach!  We have like 15 new investigators which is pretty amazing! There are a few that I think will progress really well!
This past weekend was probably one of the most stressful weekends ever!   One of our investigaters finally gave the “all systems go for baptism Friday night” and I mean GREEN go like the next day go!!  Her testimony and body size are about the same so with that we had to begin the search to find a baptismal suit that would fit.  Elder Tolman and I drove all the way to Ensley that Friday night, and got a suit, only to arrive back and it did not fit,  bummer,  and  so early Saturday, and I do mean early, we headed off to  Anniston which is like an hour there and hour back.  We were hauling as her baptism was at 6 o'clock and we had to get the keys, the baptismal font and etc. etc. ready.  So we get to Anniston get that suit and return only to our despair that one doesn't fit either. UGGHHH!!!   We had no idea what to do! We were trying to get the program set up and everything was just getting really stressful but we did not want to have her feel any anxiety on such a special day! The baptism had to happen Saturday because the missionary that found her (who is actually from Highland) came back out with his family the Taggart’s, to baptize her so it had to go as planned.  We ended up at the Big and Tall store and got 2 big white shirts, making sure you could not see through them. We were super stressed about pants as that was the bigger part of the issues but at the last minute and she calls us and expressed she had just found a white skirt, music to our ears, prayers answered, a BIG relief!  The baptism was amazing!  I got to speak at it, which was an awesome experience!  She was just glowing when she arose from the water. The missionary that baptized her is Tyler Taggart, and his little brother Tenny and I were in the same grade.  I got to talk to his parents which was pretty cool, having someone from little ol' Highland Utah there.

Last night was a really good night too! We went over to a member’s house and had some delicious Chicken Alfredo, biscuits, and molten chocolate cake! She is Puerto Rican, so Elder Crowther and I spoke Spanish to her all night which was interesting and allot of fun, lots of laughter, long ways to catch up there !
Today we got to go to the Southern Museum of Flight which was a really cool experience!  They had a ton of old planes and like aviation history stuff! There is an elderly gentleman in the ward who took us there and got us in for free!

Have you heard anything form my district about their visa’s.  I hear Sister Andreason that went last month is killing it! I am so happy for her.  It is so hard to think that others night get left behind and for that reason keep it on the “low down” about the next paragraph.  I mean you can post it to the blog but just not yet on the Missionary Mom website until like a week before.  I need to know that everyone is going, I am so excited but a part of me feels a void not knowing what is happening to others.  
Soooo.... I've been saving the best news for last....ok Mom DRUM ROLL>>>>>Today I found out........ That I got my VISA!!!!  I leave for Argentina on August 27!! How crazy!!   President Holzapfel called us today and told Elder Crowther and I that we would be leaving on that date!
With that said I better shape up on mi espanol!

Well I hope all is going well! I miss ya'll tons! Have a great week and Mom”Don’t’ Cry for I’m going to Argentina”!  Smile BIG THERE! HAHA NOS VEMOS!
Elder Draper

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