Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Hello family and friends!

Well this past week has been exhausting to say the least, "No Doubt! After Tracy's baptism last week we have been working really hard!  Last Wednesday I got to go on an exchange to the Altadena area which is Spanish speaking! It made me realize how little I actually remember of my Spanish speaking lessons at the MTC. It was crazy how fast they spoke, but the good thing was, I could  understand what they were saying, I just get tongue tied at speaking back  ha ha lame right?
The baptism for our family is coming up this Saturday! We had them over on Friday night to the church for a movie night which was alot of fun, hence why I have very little left in my account!!We all went out and bought a ton of stuff for this movie night as a lot of the extended family wanted to come as well.  The evening went great and the turnout was everything we had hoped it would be. And it was a really successful night! We watched the Testaments and the mom really loved it! She was just going "mmhmmm" every time she would see something she liked, and her son was like that’s Jesus,  thats the bible and would be so excited! He is a hoot  but quite the little man! Later in the evening we were made aware of a few things that might delay the baptism until August 25th. I am sure that will  probably be the most stressful weekend ever for me because we have committed another family to baptism on that same date, and we plan on committing someone this week for that date, so 3 families perhaps on that date WOW!!! Then of course we  will leave that Monday, August 27th, can’t believe I’m on my way to the next chapter of my Mission, so I will try and leave the country with my head on straight, just a little dizzy maybe from the ride on Saturday! HAHA!

We continue to find tons of people to teach. Today we went out for 2 hours and met 3 new investigators! One is a total like gang thug guy, he has 2 tear drop tattoos on his eye so I think that means he has killed 2 people, or so they say, but he is really funny and really loved our message! So I am excited to teach him! I know Heavenly Father has a plan to help him turn his life around he just says he can’t find which direction he is to be headed! HA He listens intensely and sometimes I see a tear inside the eye as well.

We are having a rib cook with some other missionaries today so I am really excited for that! To bad Dad isn’t here to throw down some of his ribs! We are going to bring pictures and share stories and what not of things here and back home so it should be a lot of fun and we are all stoked for a good meal!
Oh,  I found out that Hermana Fernley got her visa too!  I am really excited for her, I believe we all leave the same day on August 27th.  I pray that Hermana Leavitt and Cahoon receive news soon  so that we may all once again be reunited together in Buenos Aires Mission desitination.

Hope you like the pics mom, back at you with the flex haha! I took them last week at the air museum on Monday.  You might reconize the Taggert's as well, I'm pretty sure you know Sister Taggert  you were familiar to her in the photo I shared with her.

Lady GaGa of all things was playing in a store the other day and for a minute I could envision driving last summer up the canyon with friends which was quickly ended by “Enter Your Pin Number Please”.  Breylyn stays in touch frequently as does the Robinson’s and Shelbie. I can’t wait for Argentina where I hear the music fills the streets mostly by small local instrumental groups, I just love music as you know!!!

Well I love ya'll so much! Have an amazing week!

Elder Draper

PS (Misty thanks for the things you have sent!)  

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