Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello Mom, Dad and all,

Well this past week was really very long.  To begin with we didn't get to have dinner with our investigator because she had to go to the hospital! Instead we went there to visit her and brought her some grapes after it was cleared, she was on a clear liquid diet but just wanted them sooo bad! I believe she snuck a few more then what she was supposed  to have, but she was just so funny about it, and I’m not the doc!  I was just dying because she is just so funny and makes me laugh every time I see her she is a hoot and knows it too!
Anyways,  we asked her if she would like a blessing and she she said yes andI  anointed her then we gave the blessing.  When you give a blessing to the sick you have to anoint with oil so that was a first for me.  That was a very special experience to be able to exercise the gifts I have received.  Other than that we've just been working our little tails off,  Elder  Crowther and I.  We all really enjoyed the Gummy Bears, I’ve already eaten all of mine.  HAHA

Elder Crowther and I invited 2 of our investigators to be baptized on the 11 of August!  We are excited to continue to teach them and watch their progress over these next few weeks.  We have been tracking some new areas looking for new investigators as well.  Elder Crowther is a great companion!  I was really so happy to see that he would be my companion over the next 6 weeks.  He really brings a strong spirit when he teaches!  We've taught a couple Spanish lessons, which was pretty exciting.   Other than tracking, yesterday was an extremely lonnngggg Sunday.  I was sooo tired, we all were!  When we got back that evening and we just kinda all kicked back and relaxed for a few minutes.  First it was silent then  Gummy  Bears started flying and eventually there was a game of Hit THE BIG MOUTH ELDER and of course the goal was to get the bear into the open mouth of the Elder, like at Tepinyaki.  Earlier in the week Elder Tolman got bored lifting weights and decided he could bench press me literally! Sometimes on Pdays we play quarters.  Tonight we are looking forward to going over to a member’s house to play Book of Mormon Baseball and eat pizza for Family Home Evening, so that'll be alot of fun!

We heard about the crazy Batman guy who shot everyone! How crazy is that!?  Everyone here was like freaking out over it!  We have all been praying for the victims and families and even his parents as well as him, what an awful thing !

There is a new Hermana in my district from Saratoga Springs, her name is Hermana Palmer. She actually worked at Shade and knows T Norton, Bre Brunt, and Laura Cottrell.  She happened to be working the night when that girl drove through the Shade’s store.  She is  way cool and  it’s kinda nice having  a Utah county person to talk to!  Please add her to my blog and I will try and get you a picture as well. 

About receipes,  we only have an hour to cook in the evenings so we don't have allot of time.  We cook alot of basic meals nothing all that great.  The cinnamon almonds that you made were heaven and they were gone as fast as they came, they were really good! 
Elder Palmer ate chicken guts, gross, I won’t eat it if I can avoid it, sorry! Well I guess I will have to adjust a little maybe!

How did you know about Elder Sawyer and I serving a split?  Since he was from West Jordan we talked and laughed alot comparing the basketball teams!  His team beat LPHS when I was a Sophomore so he gave me a lot of crap about that!  Spending that time with him was a blast! I also went on an Exchange with his Companion, Elder Jardine who used to be the Zone Leader in Tuscaloosawhen I served there but now they are both Assistant’s to the Mission President.
As you noticed, no mom we don’t have furniture mostly because it is not on the list of items approved for Missionary Housing.  Gotta be honest it is hard sometimes butya gotta roll with the punches, I’m sure it would detour some if it were too comfy right?

No special meaning like “Special Opps” HA, behind that new label “Special Assignment” on all the visa waiters.  I guess if I were you it would keep me wondering to but sorry nothing neat to report at this time!
Yes that is neat about the BAW Temple rededication the first of September and that President Monson dedicated it originally in 1968.  I hope that I can get there before that time to see that,  wouldn’t that be cool!

Got the letter from Maxine,  Grams keep it coming.  Your humor is one of the things I love the most about you and miss a lot!

Thanks Shelbs, your the greatest,  we have had alot of great times your the best and I'm sure we will have may more when I come home! 
Gotta run for now so here’s that squeeze back at ya! I miss ya’ll.  Hope to hear from you soon!


Elder Draper

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