Monday, August 13, 2012

Terminando con otra semana de carzy (WRAPPING IT UP WITH ANOTHER CRAZY WEEK)

Hey Family,
Hope this finds everyone well! Lots going on this week so let’s get started.

To begin with Mom, I won’t get my travel information/plans until I leave, so hopefully by August 27th HA.. I have no idea what will happen with that, but I am sure I will have a layover somewhere, I hope, so I can call home!! !! I still have my MTC calling card mom, so no worries there!   I will l get to call home August 26th in the evening so everyone be around then ok!! I  plan on sleeping the whole trip, I could use a god nap, these past few weeks have been crazy but the best since I have been out!!

Unfortunately, no baptism this past week! We had to push it back to the August 25th as anticipated because we didn't get to meet with her much last week because she was getting ready for her kids to go back to school, however since we pushed it back, we have her and her 3 children committed where as we only had her and one of her children committed before! We are so stoked to be baptizing the four of them as a family, I am so excited they are great folks! She came to church with us yesterday and enjoyed that.  She has been having some trouble with her wisdom teeth, so on Saturday night after we visited her, we biked down to a store and bought a bunch of chicken noodle soup and took that to her after church yesterday.  She was really appreciative of that and very surprised was thankful she could eat that.

We are also teaching a Minister right now.  She is the nicest lady! She is black, and is in her early sixties! She loves talking with us, and says that "ya'll are mens of God" she is really the sweetest lil' thing ever and I just adore her as she does us.  She has a strong gospel testimony and respects the work we are doing and is open to listening to everything we have to say.
But ya, how crazy is that about Elder Tolman being mid-transferred!? It was really a shock and probably one of my saddest transfers; even if we were not Companions I looked forward to laughing with him at the end of the day in our apartment.  Even on down days he had a way to make things lighter! He is just so neat and I, well enough said.  However Elder Ingersoll is a hoot and it is nice having a good ol' Highland boy in the house.  Last night we talked for a minute about LPHS and the good ol' times we had there it was allot of fun!


...Now You Have We (Elder's Made It) And It Was SOOO Good!...

Last night we tried out a recipe that Andrea (the investigator who we brought soup to) gave us her Fried Chicken recipe, so Elder Crowther and I fried chicken last night! It was sooo good! The batter was like amazing! I'll send pics next week cause I forgot the battery to my camera today!  Mom, can you put a little extra in my account so I can send some stuff home by mail today and buy a couple things here from Alabama to take with me, like a sweatshirt.  We are also having a movie night tonight for Andrea and her family so I would like to buy Little Caesars and treats for them, they really have nothing and I would like to have a little something special for them tonight!
These next 2 weeks are going to get even crazier… Elder Crowther and I promised that we were gonna work extra hard, even with the pending baptism’s, to push through these next 2 weeks here and try and set up some baptismal dates for the Elders that come after we leave!  I am super excited to get to Argentina, FINALLY but I feel sad for Sister Leavitt and Cahoon and we pray here in the apartment for them each day!  But it will be sad to leave here in many ways; this past transfer has been the BEST ever!!

Well I hope all is well back home, miss and love ya'll!!!!
Elder Draper PS ( You bought a pig?)

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