Monday, July 09, 2012


Hello Family and Blog Readers,

Well this past week nothing new really happened.  I continue to just keep trekking along on my little bike (which I despise, it’s way too small). Things remain good here in Birmingham.   I was looking at the map the other day, and I didn't realize how big our area was until I kinda just sat and looked at that map, it’s HUGE!

July 4th was kind of lame.  We didn't get to watch any fireworks didn’t even hear the occasional pop and crack, UGH, but we did get invited to a BBQ during the day, which was not even close to Dad’s ribs but it was fun.  I actually met a lady there who is from Highland!  She was visiting a friend but during conversation I found out that I know her nephew from where else, good ol' LPHS.  We Knights are many and everywhere! 

For the past week Elder Beck and I have just been visiting “Part Time Members” as they put it politely and their less active family members.  There is a member in our ward who we were visiting, and she is   literally is like the coolest person I have ever met!  When we pulled up she was listening to Florence + The Machine and I was like no way, later she told me I was her Cosmic Brother and she loves Lady GaGa, go figure what did that have to do with anything  but what the hey right.  She is a bit different but really just a great person if you really take the time to listen to her. We also have another new investigator who is a mom of three children.  All of them seem very interested and pretty legit on advancing in the gospel so we are praying for them to continue to invite us to their home.  We have a teaching appointment this eve at 6:00pm.

It has been way hot here this past week and we have walked most of the time as the biking produces so much more body heat.  It’s good to hear from you we are going to get a lot of rain this week, makes walking and being out so much more pleasurable, never thought I would actually look forward to rain but now that is the case these days! Then comes the night and it is freezing in our apartment the AC does not adjust and I have to bundle up every night.  Crazy huh, so in an answer to I think I adapt better to heat or cold I guess it just depends on the day! HA

Your internet must be way slow there ‘cause I sent you several emails like 5 minutes ago. If the emails seem a bit short these past few weeks, I am multitasking.  We share our time with the MP whom I have to keep in touch with each week as well.  As a Senior Companion I have to report our “Numbers” and how our work went for the week.  I don’t seen the Mission President much but his wife just “loves me” she is so very nice to me.  Pdays can keep me pretty busy with laundry, grocery shopping and emails, especially trying to email on 2 complete different sites at the same time to 2 different individuals can get a little nuts!  When we do get a Pday like the Zoo Day we are so excited! I did get your Dear Elder Letter this week, thanks!  Elder Tolman sends a  special thanks as well!!

The ward is having an ice cream social this  on the 15th, so we are really excited about that and hope allot of people come out to that.  We are hoping to find some more investigators during this event, folks here just LOVE ice cream, especially during the inferno here!  Many members have pledged to invite there friends and neighbors! It should be a blast I am very excited to see the potential turnout!

I am still losing weight I am at 225 now, which I think is pretty good I wanna hit 220 or 215 and then I will be good. Mom really, I won’t tell but take some “ME” time and hit the gym and stop worrying about me!  

I don’t think I need more sweaters, my bags were at weight limit coming here but send them however you wish I always get them.  I understand you are looking at the weather there in BAW so I get your drift mom!

Thanks for watching my account for me it’s nice to know I always have a reserve if I get in a pinch but you got admit I’m doing pretty well budgeting, it’s not all that hard really, well not when you have so less that you need anyways.

I was confused by the visa update you sent from BAW I wonder who the 10 are because I still have no word on my Visa.  That probably means another 6 more weeks here for Wade, but it’s all good, I really like Birmingham allot, really, so hopefully I don't get transferred to another area if I am staying! Elder Beck leaves Monday for Brazil and I am happy to see him get started out there abroad!

We have about 4 minutes left mom so this computer will shut off about anytime.

I got a letter from Elder Boyer and it was good to hear from him.  I will probably write the kids and return him a letter this eve after our appointment. I need to drop Misty a thanks as well for the Peanut Butter Cereal it was very thoughtful and much appreciated!  Mom do me a huge favor, Elder Hannamon just got back and is waiting to hear from me can you get me that info I lost it!

I hope y'all had a good 4th of July! I miss ya'll a ton! Stay safe, don't get caught on fire! Ha I gotta go mom, love you bye!


Elder Draper

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