Sunday, July 15, 2012

MY LOOKING GLASS EXPERIENCE: Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. 7/16/12

Yesterday was hard as we waited until the 11th hour for that much anticipated call...Mom I'm leaving".  By 10:00pm I found myself  on the front porch in a stream of tears asking Heavenly Father is Wade really ok? Reading back this week ,I realized that every Companion Wade has had thus far has went home, returned with Honor home or has left the counrty with the arrival of thier visa and if I were feeling diasppoinment at this moment what were his feeling though he would never indicate when writting.  A few raindrops begin to fall as if  Heavenly Father felt my tears and as lasted for a few brief moments.  Within seconds thereafter I was delighted by the choir of chirping crickets, which is not always common here or I have busily overlooked  them.  Not the case last night, I knew in that instant the Lord was answering my prayer.  Wade indicated a few weeks back when he could not sleep he would open the windows and slip into slumber while listening to the crickets rehearse.  I was comforted in that moment.

But low and behold  I woke this morning finding myself in a little bit of a slump still, over waiting for that Visa call that has come and gone this month for all but 1 of the Visa waiters in Elder Draper's Buenos Aires West District.  Putting aside my evening answers I had recieved, the human in me won, and I sought refuge in Googeling Missionary Visa information.  For no known reason, other then what I was about to learn, did this video appear.  After a strong promting to click on the video, as I am not a uTube fan, it became clear to me my struggles are very microscopic and once again Heavenly Father mended my tunnel vision and I can now see  with open eyes and heart that, "IT IS NOT WHERE WE SERVE BUT OUR DESIRE TO SERVE" that is most important.  Thank you Elder's Wyatt for your tesitmony and service a lesson to all Missionaries and sometimes more importantly the "Weary Mothers". (Please scroll down sidebar to embrace Elder's Wyatt video )

Elder Wade Draper's #1 Fan
(Mom) Diana Draper

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