Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Hello Family!

Well this past week had its up and downs that is for sure!  Elder Tolman and Elder Thurston had a baptism this past Saturday so that was really exciting! Elder Tolman actually asked me to confirm the new Member, so yesterday I had my first confirmation it was incredible! What a really neat experience!
Elder Beck found out today that he got his Visa! He will leave for Brazil July 17th! I am excited for him and he is  SUPER EXCITED!!  I just hope that I stay where I am this next transfer! if I don't leave for Argentina.  I really like it here! As you know I have been everywhere and sometimes in a flash.  It has been a great ride for me and I have served with some FANTASTIC ELDERS (A SHOUT OUT TO PILI and BANKS) but  I am working my bum off daily trying to get the teaching pool expanded, and find those waiting for me to teach them the gospel here.  There are more opportunities in this areas  than in other places I have served but, that is not saying it is easy by any means.  There is a strong since of the Testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father but many generations of Baptist.  I have been told more than once, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” in a laughing yet somewhat convinced manner.  They still remain full of Southern Comfort though and most are so humble and I find them to be very Christ like. So extra prayers and keep your fingers crossed that should I not get to Argentina this transfer I remain here in Birmingham.  

Thank you so much for the package mom.  I really like the shirts, thanks for thinking of me in St. Louis and KC, glad they won both their games!  Mom, are you insane? Ha Ha!!  We can't light fireworks, not even  smoke bombs or simple sparklers, it’s against mission rules but that was a nice gesture, kinda funny too, the Elders here got a GOOD laugh!!    
The Burger King cards for each of us were great though!  Did you know they have Bacon Sundaes here, ??? OMG, we about died.  We used the cards today to get one and well, let’s just say they were hmmm.. a very interesting combination to say the least, actually Super Gross! Are they doing that in Utah?

The summer weather has hit and it has gotten up to 104 with humidity of 108!!! Today it’s been pretty rainy! I guess we are getting the after effects of some storms that have happened?  I have gotten homesick lately a little I don't know sometimes I feel so cut off from the world.  Walking around Wal-Mart I can see the headlines on newspapers in the stands and wonder what is happening right at the moment in Utah.  Pdays are great for the most part though!

Well that’s about it here I will wait and hope to hear from you soon.  Tell the kids I will write to them today!

Love You and Miss You Tons!!!

Elder Wade Draper

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