Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hello again family, friends, and blog followers,
Well I am starting my email this week with wonderful news, I AM STAYING IN BIRMINGHAM!!!!  I was really nervous that they were going to transfer me again to another area, but I got the phone call this morning that I am staying in here in Birmingham!  To be honest I would have been a little chapped if I were transferred from here as I have been moved so much at transfers and between transfers to meet the needs, and I really want to be a part of at least one of my investigators baptisms as I have not got to do that thus far due to all the moves.

We dropped Elder Beck off at the Mission Office this morning and so till Wednesday, I am in a trio with Elder Tolman and Elder Thurston!  PARTY! HA HA It’s already so much fun!  But this past week has been a really good week!  We've been teaching a family and they came to Church with us yesterday, and we also have some wonderful potential investigators, I have been out with Elder Tolman off and on to see one of his investigators, she is the funniest lady I have ever met, she is kind of like Rasputia but soooo nice!  I could just sit and talk with her for hours because we can have really funny talks and we can have really serious talks!  She has been taught by the Missionaries for like a year now.  She has decided on a baptism date for the 28 of July!  I am really excited for her and her boys!  We were talking with her yesterday and I told her I might get transferred and she said "Mmmmmm baby I’mma have to call someone ‘bout that." HA HA  I was dying, I just love her to death she is so pure in heart and dserves the gospel and it’s blessings in her life!  She is invited us to a big southern dinner or “Mess” this week!  She wants us to walk away full and then asked with her big smile “What ya'll want?  So we told her and this is what we will have on that buffet:  Fried Chicken.  Corn Bread, Mac N Cheese, Boiled Cabbage and of course the Yams! I just noticed no dessert but I know she must have a surprise for us so I’ll let you now that next time. I am soooooo stoked!  Boiled cabbage, not sure there but the rest AAAHHHH!!  Speaking of food we went to a buffet for lunch compliments of Elder Tolman.  We all rotate the tab, when we can afford, it’s a meal we all look forward to.  
But really I am just so happy to be staying here in Birmingham, I have really grown to love the Ward and the area here!  Fingers crossed I get an awesome companion, I'm thinking it is going to be another Visa waiter because they are getting 4 more tomorrow, but we shall see!

Alrighty time for the weekly weigh in......224 lbs!!!! Weighed myself first thing this morning!  Even after we had a big Ice cream social this past week at the church and I won’t tell you how much or good it was!
That's about all I really have to say for now.  It was super exciting to hear that Hermana Andreason got her visa!  She is the first out of us to go and hopefully not the last! (Sigh). This ride is sooo crazy but is one that I will hold on to for a lifetime!   I love and miss you all and would love to get some letters ASAP!

Well as usual times up for this week and I am off to the next one.  I know that Heavenly Father has blessed me on this Mission with the things I am learning and the people I have met.  I would have not had these opportunities had I not chosen this (his) path.

Love and Prayer,

Elder Draper

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