Monday, May 21, 2012


Wow Mom,
You never have enough questions but that 's great keeps me on my toes. Not alot has changed since last week so I am glad the questions were there wouldn't know what to say things are that slow! I will try and go to a tailor... we don't really have time to do any of that stuff and I will get my suits dry cleaned before I leave for Argentina.
The family in Demopolis are actually moving to Utah, if I didn't mention that before so they will be gone this week or the next. Things are going good here. I have not had a chance to see Shirley. She is always busy. We painted the another members house house though not Shirley's another family we are teaching. I don't know remember thier address. I am not going down to Demopolis this weekend because we are sending our housing coordinator down there to check out another members house to stay in.  He is a very elderly guy but super nice! There are several Brothers like this that house Missionaries and it just a great thing for both the Missionaries and the Brothers!

Elder Crowther had his first baptisim last Saturday! Like I said things are going good on this end, just getting by day by day! HA. Nothing really to update on it's slow but so is Alabama. Folks don't get to excited about things here unttil thier air conditioning goes out! LOL It's just so hot sometimes it's hard to think about anything but keeping cool and my ride (bike) does not have air conditioning, lots of windows but no AC. An occasional sprinkler is a blessing but those are few and far between!

Everyone said thanks for all the goodies you sent. I love the cologne I really needed it. Shelby said to check at Macy's for the ties, thats where she got mine! I don't need anymore jeans, maybe just send me smaller belts. A brown belt with brown shoes maybe ? and brown socks. I don't have any, thought we bought some but then I remembered they didn't have any at the time we were at Mr. Mac's. I could use 2 more black belts these are huge and I am having a real hard time keeping my pants up! Wouldn't want to loose them while crusing on my BMW bike, not a sight you would want to see. Ha Ha! I only cut off the one pair of jeans, I had no shorts and it's just so dang hot here! I sent my other shorts home remember, but I'm good hold up on those, maybe I will be in Argentina before long!
Dad, sad to hear about the Coaching thing you have always been a great Coach for those boys over several years, oh well thier loss and ??? gain!! It will be good for Wyatt to branch out and make new friends, after all you can never have enough of them right!!! Keep him in football and baseball Lacross has a long ways to go yet at ?? High!

Glad Lynd's is doing good in cheer! I am excited to see her in uniform wish I could be there to see her perform I will miss seeing her at competion and parades. Gosh guess I will be missing the HIghland FLing and all the city days around home this year, BUMMER but I'm sure we will have a "Hoe Down Here" fireworks, chittlings, and toothless rednecks what could be better then that!

Yep those little bumps on my arm are those pesty "skeeters" tons of them here and they love flesh, hold the sauce please! I have several of those bites tatooed just about everywhere, well almost! Deet is desert for them so just gotta live with it and hope I don't to get West Niles.

Your so right mom, can't wait for "THE BOOT"! You nailed that one! LOL   haven't heard much about transfer other then they will not be over until June 6th. I am not sure where the Missionaries were assigned in the Bessemer Zone but that is good news! Elder Crowther and I have not heard any news about our Visa's so Ihave been told that when they come our Mission President will be the first to know. I pray we are able to get to that beautiful destination as I really miss speaking Spanish, dish time has served it's purpose but never seems to be long enough.

I will try and get to the tailor shop but we honeslty have very little time to do much of anything on Pday between service projects and laundry and then shopping for essentials, but I will do my best for the name and directions to the closest one though! I will send you the info as soon as I can.

I ran into Elder Tyler Bentley who I went to high school with. It was good to see a familiar face from home.  We had a great visit and floated back in time for a few minutes to those days roaming the halls at Lone Peak, ahh those were the days ma!

I was not aware that we had a 5th tenant in our apartment unil I ran into "Joe" (Roach) but he had already checked out before we could chat. Looks like I will be adding BUG SPRAY to the Stop and Shop list. Gross huh? I have only have seen these things like with "Bill Nye The Science Guy". I have been shaking everything out since and eating, well that's just another story it freaks me out a little!

We built a Pagola swing for the Branch President and his wife in Demopolis with the help of  another family.  I am getting somewhat handy with the tools. It turnded out nice don't you think?
Well I gotta run so I love and miss you all. Catch you on the "FLY" they live here to! HA
Elder Wade Draper

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