Monday, May 14, 2012

The 4 Stooges

Hey Mom,
This will be a quick email, I will try and write a longer one later if I have time. I just read your email, I hope you wrote it with the right address got it with the RIGHT address! Ha Ha (see below)!  We have got to be "The 4 Stooges 2012".
It was so good seeing you guys last night! Skype is a great thing huh?  Thanks Dad for setting that up for mom, and Lyndsey, I hear your getting pretty handy at the tech stuff to, that’s good mom fell off the grid when she quit work and you know mom you seriously could use a 101 class.  Just kidding I know you are so busy doing all my old chores. LOL

I know Grams is tough and she can kick through it, I have to hang on to her sparkiness at times like now.  She promised she would be there when I came home and has never broke a promise yet! I heard from Kennedy  and Brelynn today which was good! Ken’s told me all her wedding plans! It sounds like it’s going to be great! Brelynn said she is having withdrawals!
So I measured my waist and I am a 41, but like my American Eagle Jeans are 36 and they are huge, so what is the secret to measuring cause right now I’m feeling pretty stupid.  If I don’t get this figured out soon they will have to add suspenders to the Missionary Wardrobe.  It’s getting hard steering bike with one hand and holding my pants with the other.  Not really but not far off!

Elder Crowther and I have had the wrong address for about 3 weeks now so who knows where our mail has gone!!  After giving you the new address yesterday (right apartment number),  Elder Hardy clarified it today after he saw am outgoing letter with the wrong return address. So here is the correct address : 
Elder Wade Draper
900 Hargrove Road Apt # 121
Tuscaloosa, AL  35401

Can you fix the address on the blog too and put the right one! I really hope you didn't send that box yet!  I know you said you wrote three letters so maybe they will come knocking on our door and we can invite them to sit down and take a load off then just happen to have those scriptures right there, imagine that!
We got a text yesterday that was hard stating that 4 New Zealand waiting Missionaries here in Alabama have been moved to a permanent Alabama status.  While I know there is work to be done here, I felt sad for them and keep praying the BAW Missionaries will soon reach that beautiful destination. I know that whatever happens will be the plan but I’ve always been a dreamer that’s ok right?  Well it used to be at the age of 3 so you said! HA
Well since we had such a long conversation yesterday I don’t have much to say just right now.  You haven’t emailed back in about 20 mins so I hope everything is ok there with Grams. I know you have been living at the hospital, thanks for helping her trying to live up to that promise. She and I are so lucky to have you there always trying to make everything ok.

Dad that was agood one you played on Mom, calling from your cell and making it look like I was calling in on skype while everyone was waiting for the call.  I would have loved to see mom jump out of her chair like she did, I can only imagine what that one cost you. HA HA.

I love you so much and I am proud of you for holding up so well on the call I am sure you were a basket case afterwards but that’s ok  that’s you mom wouldn’t have it any other way.

Misty was a riot I really can count on her to turn it up!  The face timing her and skyping me at the same time, pretty brilliant mom .  I am sorry she had to leave the hospital before I called I know the wait was long and I missed that 3:00 mark but everything was backed up yesterday.

Gotta run mom squishes to everyone!  Next Monday same place same time.

Love Your,
Elder  Wade Draper    

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