Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hi Mom and Family,

First of all mom, thanks for having an email setting right there waiting for me every Monday, it's funny you write on Sunday morning to make sure it's there for me the next day but I appreciate every week!  I know that you thought it would be Tuesday before you heard from me morm so  I did not mean to give you that heart attack that you are experiencing about now!  We got to use the church office as the libraries are closed as President stated in his email to all parents.  Lucky Us!

Dad, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUU!  I am emailing you a funny story that I am sure you will enjoy and that's OUR story so we're "Stick'in To It" ok!  I hope you have a great day and I love you!

I am glad you know that I moved becuase I knew mom would freak out if she hadn't heard and was trying to write to myold address.  My worst nightmare would be to have a letter marked "Return To Sender" I would have to visit her in the shrink ward whrn I got home!  Just kidding mom, but you  know you, but not better then I know you! (Wink)!   So my new address is:  2524 St N. Hueytown, Alabama 35023.  I live in a very very very little house, seeing how three out of the four Elders here are pretty pretty pretty big, in a good way though! Hueytown is a little po-dunk town as well but it's really nice, I have renamed it "DONALD DUCK"S TUNE TOWN". HAHA!  We have a car as Elder Banks is still recovering from his injuries.  He will get ther "Verdict" on Wed as to his progress and treatment plan.

Elder Paul, who was just moved (not sure if this is an official transferr or temporary assignment yet)just got his Visa to go to Argentina the same day we moved about 20 minutes after the temp assignment.  It was like so crazy, we both just looked at each other with a ? mark over our heads and then started pushing each other back and forth laughing thinking it was a Zone Leader prank! It was not so I am excited for him and he will leave June 4th.  He says he is just going before us to clear the path and get this whole Visa thing jump started and will meet with the Consulate on the way to the Mission Home and gave me a huge smile and a whopping slap on the back!!  Super cool Missionary I will miss him although we served breifly.  I know our time "The Visa Waiters" is just around the corner and the Spirit assures me "Everything is due time my son" and so I serve on!  I don't know what will happen here when he leaves, I could get transferred again or they will send another Elder/Companion.

Elder Pili, another Elder living with us is an amazing Missionaryand plays football ofr BYU.  We just hit it off the first day.  He says when we get back  he will will take Wyatt and I into the locker room and get signatures for Wyatt on his BYU football I gave him for this birthday last year, tell me you put it up mom right?  He also want to hiip the family up with some good tickets.  He passes a mean kitchen towel!

Unilke some of my days in Tusky after the University graduated, I am very busy here.  I have a really large teaching pool in this area , mostly in the projestcs but they love to listen and often have some pretty intresting and sometimes twisted questions, and their speech dialect is ....most intresting and I have to admit t it is hilarious at times! I sat up my first Baptismal date yesterday with a lady that we tracked into, Mom it was so exciting!  It would be great to get to hang around here for awhile I feel there are so many folks here seaking something they just don't know what it is yet.  Sometimes we get in so late we are just dropping and even the frying pans are exhausted for us so yes the "Church's Chicken" here is very good mom. Ha

Oh Mom, I forgot as you blog don't use any investigator's names, I suppose first names are ok, President mentioned that on a Conference call today.  I don't reck'n' you are cause your pretty good about that stuff so thats a "just in case" note.

Thats so awesome Cage leaves this Wednesday and will be serving in Belize!  How exciting!  I am sure although Shannon has sent out two before him she is a wreck about now!  The Missionary Mom Temple Day was a good idea mom, let me know how that goes.  Once a month is good for the SIsters to get together.  I am glad that you are still getting there weekly if no tmonthly cuase of Grams health. I heard the Timpanogis was closed for cleaning so I would assume your at the Draper Temple. It's neat knowing that my great grandfather founded the city of Draper not alot of folks can say that!

Speaking of Grams remind her of that promise she made to me she had never borken one yet so tell her I'm counting on it.  She is a strong willed soul and her love is bigger then the ocen.

I sent Misty an email so I got her, Nate and kids covered there and will send the Lyns and "Y" a letter when their's gets here.  I will give it a couple of day as I think they may have sent it to the previous address, if not I will get one out to them.

As for the pants..annn. just send smaller belts ASAP, suspenders is not an option. HA!  Just call Mr. Mac's and get the next size down from these.  Shoes still good have nto foulnd clearners yet but will get that done before I leave so relax mom I'm good!  I have to say I am enjoying this new GQ look, I feel pretty healthy loosing that weight!

Well that dang clock just keeps ticking and runing the race with me here so I gotta close for now.   I love you all and miss you a ton!  Tell everyone thanks for all the letters.  Be sure to get the new address on the blog or the rest of my letters will probaly take a Route #66 before they get here!

Love You All!!!!
Your Elder Wade Draper 

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