Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Hola Familia,
Nada que emocionante esta semana en el campo (Nothing too exciting this week).   The computers here at the library are so old, I can’t see pictures that you send UGGH!  I hope you get mine.   I am doing ok and have just learned I will be “On The Road Again” transferred this Weds.  It’s ok getting transferred but it seems I am never anywhere long enough to get things off the ground with my investigators before I’m leaving again, but it’s all good! I will let you know where I land next Monday so hang on mom!
Elder Paul leaves in about an hour for Argentina, how exciting is that!  What a short temp assignment we had together but I am sure Argentina is hestatic, I am for him.

It rained a ton last night with the most amazing lightning storm, it was actually very cool.  We went to dinner last night with some young adults from Utah.  They are doing security alarm sales for the summer here.  It was very good steak and baked potatoes, what a treat! We have only been invited to dinner  3 times in the 7 weeks I have been here. One of the guys, Brian Nelson, actually went to Lone Peak High School.  He was a Senior when I was a Sophomore.  He played baseball and hung out with Kade Andrus so it was really cool seeing a friendly face from good ol home ( LPHS).

 So I guess the way they do transfers here is kinda  fun! We meet at a gym in the church.  There they have a large screen and a Mission will pop up followed by a pause and then like trivia music.  Alas the Missionary photos of those assigned to that Mission pop up.  It sounds fun so I definitely got the jitters today wondering where I am headed this  time.  Elder Pili is just so great and is the best companion I have had thus far.  I will miss him for sure.  Elder Banks as well, they are just the bomb!  
I know both of Lyndsey’s Cheer Coaches Mikun is amazing and I love Taylor she is my good friend Sloan’s sister.  She came to the farewell you probably have pictures of her mom.

I wrote you a letter on Wednesday Mom but hold up on sending anything for a few days at least tell next  Monday so I can get the address to you .  I will get some postcards to mail everyone soon as I can.
Well that’s about all I can really think of this week so love ya!  Hope to hear from you soon.
Elder Draper

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