Saturday, April 21, 2012


Dear Mom, Dad and Family,

This email is to let you the "Travel Plans" were given to us, departing for Argentina 4/23 on AMerican Airlines around 7:00ish. Flying form SLC to Texas and then into Miami.  WIth that in mind this is all tenative of the arrival of our visas on Friday so I will call you on Friday if that does not happen to let all know that I will not be on that flight.  I'm still good either way Elder Witherell is still recovering so hanging around for him would be a plus for all of us but I can also smell the McDonald's in the airport, whichever airport that might be, heading to wherever Heavenly Father has charted my course.

I have been teaching "Actor/Acting" investigators for the past 2 weeks and things are going pretty well.  There are times when I get stumped but if I just pause for a moment it comes to me in one form or another until I can complete the sentence, it's getting much easier.  I have the most amazing Branch President and they mean the world to me in my world here and I will carry them in my hearts as I leave.  They have made my footsteps a little lighter here and have imprinted steps I will follow for a lifetime.

I don't have much time today, going over alot preparing to leave stuuff should that happen so I will catch you on Friday if that doesn't happen.  If I do leave Monday then I will call you so stay out of the "Control Tower", you won't be able to see me that far anyways!  I know you all to well mom! LOL I'm not sure if we don't leave what happens next but probably a reassignemnt, but I will know if that happens.  I have been told that we anytime there is a lyaover we do get to call from each one so that would be great huh!  Be sure and put the kleenex box by the phone mom! HAHA

Love You Much,
Elder Wade Draper

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